This app puts in evidence the “scam of the RAM” in Android

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This app puts in evidence the "scam of the RAM" in Android 1

The RAM is one of the most important components to deliver the best possible performance on your mobile phone. Traditionally there is the adage that “the more RAM the better” when it comes to evaluating the performance, and to some extent it is true.

However, this saying is more focused on the world of computers, where there are not too many restrictions energy. In mobile devices, find out how much RAM is required it is more complicated to measure, and sometimes even having more RAM is not a guarantee of anything. Today we know an application that puts in evidence what we have been discussing.

Your mobile doesn’t need as much RAM memory as you make believe

The RAM it is the main responsible of storing all the information of the running applications. It is necessary for applications when these are working, but also allows us to keep active to those applications in the background.

When you quit an application and the time the re-open, and continues as the left is because the operating system has kept the process in the RAM. On the basis of this principle, the more RAM, the more applications you can stay in the background without problems, isn’t it?

This app puts in evidence the "scam of the RAM" in Android 2

In principle yes, because if your mobile phone has enough memory, you can keep active all the apps you want, is what helps to have more RAM. However, this also results in an even greater problem.

The services and applications in the background increase the demand on battery power and if the system allows you to fill the RAM of applications and services, you will surely run out of battery much earlier than expected. This is usually the reason that having too much RAM does not help to have a good battery.

This it does not mean that if you had the same mobile phone with half the RAM the battery would last longer. This relationship between capacity mulitarea and autonomy, it is managed from the operating system itself, restricting background processes.

The situation is somewhat ridiculous, because in the higher prices we give amounts each time higher, but at the same time are limited to not be able to make the most of it, because to do so would be counterproductive in the experience of use.

But do we really know if how limited our mobile the use of the memory? Well it seems that yes.

The application of Don t Kill My App reveals how it behaves on your mobile

This is not the first time that we talk about Don t Kill My App. Initially it was a web page in assessing the behavior of the trademark Android and its treatment of applications in the background. The goal of this website was not to disparage the brands, but to provide a framework in which to understand why an application is not working.

This app puts in evidence the "scam of the RAM" in Android 3

It is usual in the Google Play any user complain about the behaviour of an application, puntuándola negatively. These scores are sometimes unfair, since in many occasions, the cause of mal-functioning is the system of mobile, that shuts down vital processes for the application.

From now on, the popular page goes a step beyond with your own performance testing, an application that will assess how behaves our mobile with the processes in the background.

This app puts in evidence the "scam of the RAM" in Android 4

The application does not have a lot of complexity, the install and click on run the test. Allows us to choose how much time you will spend doing the benchmark, being able to choose between 1 and 8 hours. To more time we will have a more accurate measure, but you must keep in mind that during the test you will not be able to load the mobile or use it.

Once the time ends, we will obtain a score distributed in 3 sections: Work, Main, and Alarm. The closer each one of them 100% better, while a low score indicates that the behavior of the mobile closed processes that should not be.

This app puts in evidence the "scam of the RAM" in Android 5

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