These are the new stickers official WhatsApp: at home together

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These are the new stickers official WhatsApp: at home together 1

In these days of quarantine calls, video calls, and messaging applications are more present than ever. WhatsApp is one of the applications that most innovations have been introduced these days, some on their own and others in collaboration with WHO, like the bot to keep us informed.

The latest novelty is beginning to be implemented at this very moment, and it is a new pack of stickers official WhatsApp, a pack of stickers called “Together at Home”. And what’s so special about this package of stickers?

  • The number of WHO against the coronavirus in WhatsApp already in Spain.
  • WhatsApp improves video calling: up to 8 participants.
  • This is the bot official WhatsApp from the Government of Spain to be informed on the coronavirus.

So is the new package of sitckers WhatsApp: Together at Home

Together at Home it means, translated to Spanish, Together at home. This name is a reference to the current situation that we live in these last few weeks in almost any part of the world. WhatsApp has created this pack of stickers in collaboration with the WHO to make the conversations we have for WhatsApp are more enjoyable.

These are the new stickers official WhatsApp: at home together 2

These stickers follow the theme of the current situation, but maintain a visual style full of positivity, something that is essential for these days.

A special feature of the new stickers of WhatsApp is that, as you will see, are translated into Spanish. WhatsApp has created the same package of stickers translated into 9 languages (Arabic, French, German, indonesian, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish and Turkish), and in the time that arrives to your mobile is based on the prefix of your telephone number to give you the appropriate.

The new stickers official WhatsApp are available from today, 21 April, at 15:00 Spanish time. To use them you don’t have to do anything, because that will automatically be added to your keyboard stickers for WhatsApp. These stickers will be automatically installed in your mobile without you having to do anything, although if you do not appear you may need to update WhatsApp or restart the application.

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