These are the 9 new features of the browser Edge that Microsoft claims as arguments and start to use it

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From that Edge has reinvented basing your code on the Chromium, the new web browser from Microsoft has entered into force with the computers of the users, ‘sorpassando’ even Mozilla Firefox. But it is still a lot of market share to aim for, and Microsoft seem determined to the claim by offering “something more” than their competitors (beyond best performance): to make life easier for users, improve the security of their computers, etc

This Monday, Microsoft has released a collection of these functions with which they hope to convince the users to abandon other browsers and try yours: some are already available for all users, other only for Insider and, finally, the remaining are planned for the next few weeks or months. Let’s see what they are.

Display immersive

4K on Netflix

Microsoft Edge is the only browser for Windows 10 that allows you to watch 4K on Netflix“boast from Microsoft, “it is also the only one that supports Dolby Audio and Dolby Vision”.

This feature is now available to all users… although until within a few weeks Netflix re-up the quality of your streaming in Europe, what is certain is that it won’t do much.

Reader surround

Immersive Reader

One of the new features of Edge is its ‘reader envelope’, which makes it easier to read web pages by removing the distractions of the screen and simplifying/standardizing the format of the text. Its objective is to facilitate the navigation through the Network to the dyslexic or visually impaired, although as a side effect we also find the removal of advertising.

It gives us the option of regular the background color, and the size and spacing of the text, as well as listening to the text read aloud. This tool is already available to all users, although it is expected that in brief incorporates new functionality such as highlighting the line that is ringing.

Vertical tabs

Vertical Tabs 1000x562

Even though Edge already has several extensions that allow you to manage multi-tab forms of the most creative, Microsoft will implement in the coming months with his own proposal: the possibility of toggle between the current mode of horizontal tabs and the new tabs verticalthat will be easier to read the title of each, and shut them down or group them at your convenience.


Evernote offers an extension for browsers called Web Clipper that allows you to capture and easily collect snippets of text, images, or websites whole to arrange subsequently that information. But, as in the previous case, Edge is planning to integrate your own tool to do this: Collections.

A side panel will allow us to create these collections and to incorporate resources to the same. Then, we can send them by e-mail or export them to Word or Excel. This feature is already available happens users Insider and will arrive “soon” for everyone else.

Smart backup

“What is the frequency of short and paste web content in documents, only to see it reformatted in an ugly text messy then you have to be cleaning up? The ‘smart backup’ makes it easier to select and copy the exact content that you want to”.

The GIF example with which to illustrate this function is paradigmatic: a table with multiple columns, of which we’re interested in only the first two; all function selection normal text would have forced to copy the entire table, but the ‘smart copy’ prevents that. It is expected that this function is available for users Insider next month.

Prevention of follow-up

Tracking Prevention

The personalized ads can be useful in certain cases, but many users (not necessarily activists, privacy) are quite intrusive to the way in which their visits to other sites will result in tailored advertising. That’s why, Edge offers 3 modes of prevention of follow-upthat we will be providing progressively more control over which websites can track in our computer: the Basic, Balanced and Strict. This feature is available today.

Improvements in the Mode InPrivate

Microsoft offers the possibility of using the ‘private mode’ of Edge, which they called ‘InPrivate’, for perform searches on your engine to Bing without that -promise – such searches to be linked to the computer or to the Microsoft account with that we have configured the browser.

InPrivate is a feature currently available, although its integration with Bing will come “soon” users of the stable version of Edge (the Insiders are already enjoying it).

Password Monitor

If we read often, you know that there is something quite usual that the large leakage of user credentials will end up translating into the sale of the same in dark forums on the Deep Web.

It would be great for our browser ‘were aware’ of such leakage once it is made publicand let us know when the security of our passwords had been compromised, encouraging us to change them.

For that, Microsoft has gifted to the Edge of a ‘Password monitor’ or ‘Monitor password’, which will be available to users Insider “in the coming months”.

‘Give with Bing’

Give With Bing

Microsoft seems determined to encourage us to use their search engineand will not just convert it to a more private, it also wants to make it more “solidarity”: we can win points by searching on Bing, and if we set the ‘Giving Mode’, we will be able to spend these rewards points to make donations to social causes. This feature is already available for all users.

Disney+ is here: try it free for 7 days. After, 6,99 euros a month or 69,99 euros the annual subscription.

Disney+ is here: try it free for 7 days. After, 6,99 euros a month or 69,99 euros the annual subscription.

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These are the 9 new features of the browser Edge that Microsoft claims as arguments and start to use it

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These are the 9 new features of the browser Edge that Microsoft claims as arguments and start to use it 1