These are the 43 best apps and games of 2020 according to Google

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The end of the year is approaching and Christmas is about to begin in Spain. As usual, Google is recapping on the best apps and games available on the Play Store. Although a few weeks ago they opened the voting for users to choose the best application and game of 2020, the store itself has chosen a wide list of applications that summarize the best of Android for 2020.

As usual, it is a list that sets aside any application or game that comes out during the month of December. But hey, they’ll be out in the 2021 compilation, right?

Google chooses the best Android apps of 2020

These are the 43 best apps and games of 2020 according to Google 1

For Google, the best application of 2020 has been Loóna. It is a free application designed to relax us at night with well-kept stories and relaxing sounds so that we can get ready to go to bed with total peace of mind and with the least possible stress.

  • Best Essential Apps:
    • Calm.
    • Grid Diary.
    • The Pattern.
    • Whisk.
    • Zoom.
  • Best Personal Growth Apps:
    • Centr, by Chris Hemsworth.
    • Intellect: Create a Better You.
    • Jumprope: How-to Videos.
    • Paired: Couples App.
    • Speekoo – Learn a new language.
  • Best hidden gems:
    • Cappuccino.
    • Explorest – Photo Locations.
    • Loóna: Bedtime Calm & Relax.
    • Paperless Post Flyer Invitation Maker, Text Invite.
    • Tayasui Sketches.
  • Best apps for fun:
    • Bazaart: Photo editor and graphic design.
    • Disney +.
    • Dolby On.
    • REFACE: face swap videos / photos to combine faces.
    • VITA.
  • Best apps for doing good:
    • GreenChoice: Healthy Grocery Shopping.
    • I meditate: Free Meditation, Sleep & Mindfulness.
    • ShareTheMeal: Donate to a good cause.

Best games of 2020

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One of the games that has impressed us the most in 2020 has turned out to be the best game on Google Play. We are talking about Genshin Impact, an action RPG that has stood out for its artistic style extremely similar to The Legend of Zelda, Breath of The Wild. Beyond the obvious inspiration, it is a very entertaining game and you can spend dozens of hours of adventure, exploration and combat.

In addition to Genshin Impact, these have been the best games in each category:

  • Best competitive games of 2020:
    • Brawlhalla.
    • Bullet Echo.
    • Gwent.
    • Legends of Runeterra.
    • The Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross.
  • Best Indies:
    • Cookies Must Die.
    • GRAY.
    • inbento.
    • Maze Machina.
    • Sky: children of light.
  • Best casual games:
    • Disney Frozen Adventures: New Match 3 Game.
    • Dreamworks Trolls Pop: Bubble Shooter & Collection.
    • EverMerge.
    • Harry Potter: Puzzles and Magic.
    • SpongeBob Cooking Contest.
  • Best Innovative Games of 2020:
    • Fancade.
    • Genshin Impact.
    • Minimalist dungeon RPG.
    • The Gardens Between.
    • Very Little Nightmares.

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