These are the 3 apps with the best design according to Google

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The month of December is the time to look back and select lists with the best of the year, something we normally do in Spain. These weeks we have already seen listings with the best apps of the year, something that Google itself has done in the Play Store, but also Huawei in its AppGallery. Today we find the applications with the best design.

Since 2015 Google organizes the Material Design Awards, where applications with the best design are awarded. The sixth edition of these awards has already taken place and leaves us with three winning applications. On this occasion, the firm seeks to reward the ingenuity and creativity of the interface of these apps.

Winner Material Theming:

The first winner for Google is Moooi (which comes from “Mooi” pretty or beautiful in Dutch), which is the winner in the category of best interface Material Theming. This furniture and lighting supplier company has known how to draw attention to its interface, the result of the great innovation work of the team behind it.

This interface has managed to combine a great immersive experience thanks to its use of animations and transitions, which makes it visually very interesting. In addition, at no time have they forgotten accessibility, so that it is easy to use and it is easy to move in it, being even possible to move using the voice.

These are the 3 apps with the best design according to Google 1


Material Motion winner: Epsy

In second place we find the award for the best Material Motion design. Google has crowned Epsy the winner, a medical application for people with epilepsy. This application is intended to improve the quality of life of people suffering from epilepsy.

The movement of the interface in the app is used to guide users through critical tasks with which to improve their quality of life (taking medicines, connecting with other people …). Animations with longer times are used, which seek to convey tranquility to users. This contributes to a positive user experience.

These are the 3 apps with the best design according to Google 2


Winner Dark Theme: Kayak

Kayak is a popular travel app, which is the third winner in these Google Material Design Awards. The app wins the Dark Theme award. We wanted to assess the dark theme created by those responsible for the application, having achieved a balance that is not always easy.

Its designers have managed to create a dark theme that transforms the interface, the background, into a dark color. But at the same time, works in harmony with brand colors, so it remains recognizable at all times, which is another of the most important aspects in said dark mode.

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