The Xperia 10 II is updated to Android 11 with a big improvement for its battery

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The catalog of Sony mobiles available in Spain is not too extensive, but it does stand out for its unique designs. After updating its highest range, the Japanese company has begun rolling out the Android 11 update for its mid-range model last year, the Xperia 10 II.

It is not that it is an update that takes us by surprise, since a few weeks ago we learned about Sony’s update schedule to Android 11 and the Xperia 10 II update was planned for the end of January. After updating the Xperia 5 II and having advanced the update of models 1 and 5, the Xperia 10 II is the last of the phones to update.

The Xperia 10 II receives Android 11

Xperia 10 II users in Asia are finally starting to get Android 11 on their phones, an update that shouldn’t take long to reach the rest of the world. It is an update whose version name is 51.1.A.0.485, weighs 994 MB and includes the security updates for December 2020.

The Xperia 10 II is updated to Android 11 with a big improvement for its battery 1Source | XDA Developers.

Sony has not detailed much about the version changes, but beyond all the improvements of Android 11 if it has included a great novelty to take care of the battery of this mobile. Once you receive the update, in the battery care settings you will have the option to limit the battery charge to 80 or 90%. With this setting you will have less autonomy during the day, but by not fully charging the battery, it will suffer less degradation.

To date, the Xperia 10 II costs 369 euros at Amazon, a fairly high price if we consider the reduced performance of its Snapdragon 665 processor. In the rest of the sections it is an exceptional mobile, and knowing that its successor will have few changes, we hope Leap in performance for the next generation.

Most relevant changes in Android 11

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  • Notifications:
    • Notification bubbles: Android now incorporates a native floating notification system similar to the Facebook Messenger bubbles, but much more efficient (so much so that even Facebook abandons its system in Android 11). Applications such as Telegram are already experimenting with this system and hopefully it will also end up on WhatsApp.
    • Controls for multimedia applications are now part of the quick settings panel.
    • Now we will have a notification history for each application.
    • Grouped notifications have a cleaner and more visual appearance.
    • Priority notifications allow us to select more important contacts and receive personalized notifications with their avatar and able to bypass do not disturb mode.
  • After holding down the power button, we will not only have access to payment cards, but we also have the possibility of having control of the home automation.
  • Privacy:
    • Specific storage becomes a mandatory feature: From now on, applications that require the use of storage permissions will not be able to register your mobile in full, but only access the files necessary for their use.
      • An exception is made for file managers, which still need full access.
    • Automatic restoration of permissions: When we have not used an app for a long time, it will lose access to the permissions it already had.
    • One-time permissions for camera or microphone: Want to give an app permission to use the camera or microphone but don’t want to give it permission forever? Now you can allow them to use these elements once.

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