The wizard of Google to help you wash your hands the right way

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The pandemic caused by a coronavirus COVID-19 is not the first that faces the mankind, but on this occasion we have machines that help us to fight. Obviously, the most important are the respirators and PCR, which literally saves lives. Even so, there are other machines that help us in small gestures that are extremely important, such as washing hands.

It has been shown that this action is one of the most useful to fight against any type of virus that does not survive to the chemical components that have the soaps and disinfectants.

The key is to wash long enough, because normally we do it way faster than is advisable in a situation like the current one. To help Google set up a website and now has updated its voice assistant with a new command that shows us the necessary time we need to be washing our hands.

This song from the wizard of Google helps us to wash our hands

The wizard of Google to help you wash your hands the right way 1

From any Android mobile or speaker smart we can use the command “OK Google, help me to wash my hands“for the system to tell us that it is advisable to do so for 40 seconds, and that is not easier to calculate the time a song playing that will last for that amount of seconds.

The first time we used the command we are explained in the text, as you can see in the video that has been published by Google on its Twitter account, what it is going to do the wizard. If we pause the player on a speaker, the second time just play the song during the time necessary so that we can wash our hands without being aware of if you’ve done the time enough.

As is logical, any adult you can calculate the time mentally, but in the case of the smaller ones, any help is little, and if you are having fun while washing the hands will be more easy that you don’t get bored and stop doing it.

The entrance to The wizard of Google to help you wash your hands the right way first appears on The Android Free.