The Vivo X51’s camera is outstanding: user experience

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Table of Contents

The Vivo X51's camera is outstanding: user experience 1

The arrival of vivo in Spain has been highly anticipated, especially because of the fame of their models to stand out in the photographic section. That is why it has not been surprising that the terminal chosen for the landing is the Vivo X51 5G, a terminal with a camera system that has no equal in the Spanish market.

Four rear cameras, and none left over

The Vivo X51's camera is outstanding: user experience 2

The first thing that strikes us about some current models is that, although they have many cameras behind them, not all of them are useful.
This does not happen, at all, with the vivo X51 5G, which has a first-rate camera system that covers the entire photographic spectrum that we may want to capture, from the closest with the macro to the furthest with a prismatic zoom.
We have been using this mobile for two weeks and the experience in this section could not be better.

Main chamber

The Vivo X51's camera is outstanding: user experience 3

The front camera has a 48 Mpx sensor with an aperture f / 1.6, a size 1/2 ”, and a pixel of 0.8μm.

This provides us with a high quality of detail, especially when we use the Pixel Binning to shoot at 12 Mpx, and a night mode that gives us more than good results.

But the star is the stabilizer. Normally, high-end mobiles use an OIS (Optical Image Stabilization) system that helps prevent photos from being blurred. This is something that is included here, but in addition to it we have an EIS, an electronic system and something that has not been seen in another brand: a stabilization gimbal integrated into the mobile.

The Vivo X51's camera is outstanding: user experience 4

This makes the quality of moving photos much better than with other mobiles and, above all, that we can record an incredible video.
The quality of night video that we obtain is especially remarkable, with clear lights. No other mobile in the Spanish market is capable of that.

Telephoto 5x optical

The Vivo X51's camera is outstanding: user experience 5

The second sensor is a telephoto lens that allows the image to be optically magnified five times, using a prismatic system that bounces the light inside the mobile. It is striking how vivo has integrated this while keeping the thickness of the terminal and its weight low.

This telephoto has 8 Mpx, an aperture f / 3.4, a sensor size 1 / 4.4 ”and a pixel of 1 μm. Stabilization is OIS and has Auto Focus.

In addition to this optical zoom we can have a hybrid zoom of up to 60 increases.

Wide angle and macro

The Vivo X51's camera is outstanding: user experience 6

How could it be otherwise, the vivo X51 5G includes a wide-angle and macro sensor that allows us to enlarge the scene to be photographed.

It has 8 Mpx, f / 2.2 aperture, 1/4 ”sensor size with 1.12μm pixel size and auto focus. This sensor is capable of opening up to 120º of vision and includes something that all mobiles should have at wide angle: a macro mode.
This function is capable of taking photos at 2.5 cm.

Portrait sensor

The Vivo X51's camera is outstanding: user experience 7

The fourth sensor is designed for portrait photography. But it is not a depth measurement sensor. Not much less.

It is a telephoto sensor with two magnifications of 13 Mpx, aperture f / 2.46, sensor size of 1/3 ”and pixel of 1.12μm and it also has autofocus. It is the equivalent of a 50 mm in conventional photography and allows to obtain a blur that can be modified in the application, being able to be more aggressive or more natural depending on our tastes.

A front camera that also stands out

The Vivo X51's camera is outstanding: user experience 8

But that the rear photographic system is incredible does not mean that the front one also complies. We have a single sensor, a 32-megapixel one capable of giving us high-quality images and that, by software, is even capable of blurring the background.

As you can see, the Vivo X51 5G is a mobile that in the photographic aspect is fighting to be one of the best, something striking since the starting price it has is much lower than that of the competing mobiles against which it fights.

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