The USB does not work on Android: How to fix this problem

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Table of Contents

The USB port or microUSB on an Android phone it is one of the components most sensitive to the same, in addition to being prone to faults or damage. There are times that we need to use it, as when we connect the phone to the computer, but we find that the connection is not possible, because there is a fault with the USB. What to do if the USB does not work?

The reasons why the USB on your Android phone does not work can be very varied. Luckily, there are several solutions that we can try to go to work as it did until then. Many of these solutions are very basic, but that will help us to find the origin of this failure.

The USB port does not work: the first thing that we need to check

In the first place, there is always some basic checks we can try to detect the source of the problem. It may be that this is a problem in the USB port of Android, but it could also be that the cable that we are using at the time is the cause of this error. So it is good to perform these basic checks:

  1. Checks to see if the cable is well connected: Something as simple as the cable has not been connected well, that has not been fully inserted, it could be what is causing that not to work that connection. Simply checks to see if it is okay to put on both ends.
  2. Does this cable?: Another aspect that is usually given is that the cable does not work. It may happen that a USB cable does not work well for you, that one of its ends has been broken, for example, preventing the connection to work. Use another cable or test the cable with other devices, to see if this remains so.
    • If you have no more USB cables in the house, or tests of another person, and if it works, you can try buying a new one.
  3. The computer’s USB port: It could also be that the bug is not in Android, but that is on your computer. Try connecting in other USB ports of the computer, to see if it’s still having connection problems in this regard.

Restart phone

How to shut down and restart your phone without pressing the power button

A typical solution, but that tends to give good results in this type of situations. Restart both the phone and the computer it is a good way to make this problem go to be solved. The fault is not located on the USB port, but the software, that has been some error in its operation, preventing the connection.

Restarting both devices may help to get it working again, as all the processes are stopped, and both start from zero again, that should allow it to go to make that connection between the two in a successful way. Once restarted, try connecting the USB again.

How dirty is the USB port?

The USB does not work on Android: How to fix this problem 1

It is another test of importance, since many times it is the dirt that has been cast that causes problems into the USB port of our Android phone. This port is a site in which pushes any dirt or dust on a usual basis, so they were just piling up with the passage of time and this can cause performance problems. So it is important to verify whether it is clean or not.

When cleaning the phone, including the USB port, there are a number of guidelines to keep in mind. We can use a pin or something fine to remove dirt from said port in Android. In most cases it will be sufficient to remove such dirt and that the port is functioning normally again.

Check if you have updated drivers

If your device has a specific software, it is possible that you will have to update those drivers. It can also be the case that your computer not have the drivers updated, preventing the connection between the two is performed normally. This type of problems, of updates occur with some frequency, and generate problems like this between the two.

In order to download the update of the drivers, it is important to look at the official page. Also check if the most recent version of the ADB drivers is available and if you have an account with it, because it could also be the cause of this problem of connection between the two devices.

USB debugging enabled

The USB does not work on Android: How to fix this problem 2

A check is necessary, but many times we do not, is to see if USB debugging is enabled on the phone. Since it is not likely to have activated the same, that just causes it to not work on Android. To check if it is enabled, we have to follow these steps:

  1. Open the settings of the phone.
  2. Enters System.
  3. Go to the Options section of development.
  4. Look for the section on USB Debugging.
  5. Check that it is turned on.
  6. In case you aren’t, turn on the switch next to that option.

Have you broken the USB port?


If nothing has worked, this may be the worst of the cases, but that the USB port has been broken. You can fix it by changing the pins inside it, which is a task that a user with some knowledge will be able to carry out. Although it is best in these cases, especially if the phone is still under warrantyis that what we repair, and they are also able to give you exactly the source of the problem, and that we do not do anything that is detrimental to the phone.

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