The upcoming Samsung Galaxy Fold will come with a new name

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The upcoming Samsung Galaxy Fold will come with a new name 1

The past month of October came to Spain the Samsung Galaxy Foldthe first flip phone from the brand. An innovative device, risky, but that was the beginning of a new era and a new segment of phones on Android. Since then, the firm has left us with another model of folding, to the beginning of the year, the Galaxy Z Flip.

In addition, we are working on the successor to the Galaxy Fold, that should arrive this summer with a series of improvements. This model would be presented along with the Galaxy Note 20 to the beginning of August, and would come with a new name. Already that Samsung is going to rename this range of phones.

New name for the Galaxy Fold

Galaxy Fold 2

Instead of betting on the name Samsung Galaxy Fold 2, the hyundai brand looks to the two ranges of flip phones that are on the market to be more coherent. So this new phone is going to brand new name, so that we know that is one of the devices folding into the catalog of the brand.

As several media point throughout today that the new flip phone would be launched with the name Galaxy Z Fold 2. The reason this happens is that Samsung seeks to use the name Galaxy Z in all your devices folding. It is the way in which users will be able to immediately recognize that it is a model within that range.

In addition, for a few hours the Galaxy Fold original it showed up as Galaxy Z within the Samsung website. So this change of name seems to something clear, in addition to being understandable that the brand wants to have their flip phones organized in a way that is clear to consumers. Although this new name can that many people find something weird or too complex.

Soon we will leave doubts and see if this will be the new name. Taking into account that the filing date of the Galaxy Note 20 was leaking this morning, we shouldn’t have to wait too long to see if the brand bet for a new name for this range.

The entry of The upcoming Samsung Galaxy Fold will come with a new name first appears in The Android Free.