The United States sues Facebook to undo the purchase of WhatsApp and Instagram

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Although we have written and read a lot about how big Facebook has been in a very short time, surely we are not aware of how big it is. And it is not only due to the growth of its social network, but to the acquisition of companies that could potentially be competitors. We talk about WhatsApp or Facebook.

When Mark Zuckerberg’s company announced each of the two purchases, many shouted to the sky that it was de facto buying from the competition. And he tried it with other rivals like Snapchat, but it did not succeed because the firm led by Evan Spiegel did not want to be bought. And it is not the only company that has in its sights.

It seems to be true that the legislation is slow, but it seems to be moving. The Federal Trade Commission, FCT for its acronym in English, is going to sue Facebook to undo the purchase of WhatsApp and Instagram. And it will not be the only one.

America wants more competition

Letitia James, the attorney general of New York, has issued a statement announcing the lawsuit that she, and prosecutors from 47 other states, have filed against Facebook. This demand is in addition to that of the FCT.

According to the lawyer “dFor nearly a decade, Facebook has used its dominance and power as a monopoly to crush smaller rivals and eliminate competition. Facebook used large amounts of money to acquire potential rivals before they could threaten the company’s dominance.«.

What seems like a no-brainer, looking at the aggressive behavior of the company, the American leaders now seem to dislike. Democratic and Republican politicians have made statements in recent months along these lines, but until now they have not taken steps of any kind.

WhatsApp and Instagram must become independent from Facebook

The United States sues Facebook to undo the purchase of WhatsApp and Instagram 1

The lawsuit that is filed indicates that both WhatsApp and Instagram must operate as independent companies, with no direct link to Facebook.

This is reminiscent of what the European Union demanded to allow the purchase of WhatsApp by Facebook and its use in the territory of the old continent. Mark Zuckerberg said that the integration of WhatsApp and Facebook was practically impossible, and soon after began to implement it.

Both the lawsuit already filed by the attorneys general and the one coming from the FCT are independent but there could be some coordination since both seek the same.

It remains to be seen if these movements by US officials end the division of the company or if, as often happens, in the end it will be fought with a fine or with the promise to fix things.

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