The United States cancels all permits to collaborate with Huawei

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Since the Donald Trump administration included Huawei in the Entity List at the beginning of 2019, many US companies have requested permission to collaborate with the Chinese firm.

In fact, that’s what the Entity List is for, to force companies to ask the government for express permission.

During the almost two years of veto, there have been many who have requested it, and some important ones such as Qualcomm or Intel got it. But that’s going to change.

Trump is going to tear down all bridges with Huawei before he leaves

In the absence of a few days for Donald Trump to leave the Oval Office, his administration has decided revoke the few licenses that American companies had obtained to operate with Huawei.

The United States cancels the permits of its companies to operate with Huawei

In this way, brands like the two mentioned will not be able to sell processors to the Chinese company, which could have problems not only with their mobiles, but with their laptops.

According to a Reuters exclusive, this decision would not come alone. All pending requests, which are many, would be denied en bloc, preventing any collaboration between Huawei and American firms.

Donald Trump wants to leave the White House damaging as much as possible to a company that his administration considers a danger to national security.

Now, these companies have up to 45 days to appeal any decision, but it will be up to the Joe Biden government to change this policy or continue with Trump’s belligerence.

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