The unification of Facebook, Instagram and Messenger closer to coming with this feature

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Facebook Account Center Featured

Facebook has been looking for a long time unify your application with Instagram and Messenger. This is something that the social network has been doing for some time, introducing some functions, or merging its private message system, for example. Now a new function comes to the social network, under the name Center of accounts in Spain. One more step in the unification of applications.

Account Center is a function with which users will be able to manage the functions that Facebook, Instagram and Messenger share, directly in the same place. It seeks to avoid that we have to open these applications separately for certain actions in them.

This is the Facebook Account Center

Facebook Account Center

The first tests with this Account Center They are already underway on Facebook, Instagram and Messenger, as confirmed by the social network. The idea of ​​this function is that we are not going to open each app separately, as when we want to share the same content in all three. In addition, the social network seeks to make it possible to synchronize the information between these services, so that we do not have to configure each of them individually.

There are three aspects that are key in this new function, which could be affirmed are its three pillars: Unify the publications so that it is possible to launch them simultaneously, it seeks to unify the login in the three applications and also synchronize information about payments.

Facebook Account Center

Cross publishing between apps It is a striking aspect, since when we upload a photo on Facebook, the same photo can be uploaded to Instagram automatically. Also if we change the profile photo in one of them, it will be changed in the other application directly. In addition, if we add payment information in any of the applications, this information will be added automatically in the others.

Facebook Account Center

The Test Center is going to be a feature that be integrated into the three applications, with an identical interface in all of them. At the moment it is something that is in the testing phase. It is expected to reach Facebook, Messenger and Instagram once this testing phase is finished, but no dates have been given yet, so it will probably take a few months.

The entry The unification of Facebook, Instagram and Messenger closer to arriving with this function appears first in The Free Android.