The Samsung Galaxy S7, let you upgrade four years after its launch

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One of the biggest advantages of mobile phones from Apple is that the company updates the firmware of the same for many years. More than half of the manufacturers of Android phones. However, there are exceptions.

Some months ago we spoke about how Samsung was still updating a smartphone that was launched four years ago, the Samsung Galaxy S7 (and its variants).

It is true that the subjects were security updates, and that were not monthly, but that’s not why you had to take away merit.

The Samsung Galaxy S7 comes at the end of the cycle

The Samsung Galaxy S8 offers a screen with very few frames.

Despite the fact that the company has taken care of its Galaxy S as a few brands do it with their high-end models, it was expected that at a given time the updates were finished. And that time has come.

If you look at the list of devices receiving new security patches, monthly, or quarterly, we can see that the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge are not already among them and that is the last update that has come is the last.

This latest firmware placed the security patch in the month of march 2020 and it will be the last, at least of official way, you already know that you can change the ROMs in these models.

Let’s hope that the successors of these models, the S8, S9 and company, have at least a lifespan as high as the S7. Are terminals of high range, with high prices but they are able to withstand the test of time, and are grateful that you take care of the security in them.

The entrance to The Samsung Galaxy S7, let you upgrade four years after its launch, appears first in Android Free.