The Samsung Galaxy S21 would come without a charger in some countries

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The iPhone 12 arrived in Spain without a charger in its box, a decision that Apple justified as something green. This decision of the brand has been somewhat controversial, but these weeks we have seen how other manufacturers have joined this trend, such as Xiaomi with the launch of its Xiaomi Mi 11. It seems that it would also be the case with the Samsung Galaxy S21.

It is not the first time that it is mentioned that Samsung would follow in Apple’s footsteps and I would not introduce a charger in the Galaxy S21 box. New data suggest that this would occur in certain countries, such as the United Kingdom or Brazil. So the worst fears of many would be confirmed.

The Galaxy S21 will not have a charger in its box

Galaxy S21

It seems that United Kingdom would be one of the countries where the Galaxy S21s would come without a charger in the box. It is not known if it would be the only market in Europe or if other countries like Spain are going to go through the same situation with the launch of the new high-end Samsung that will be official in mid-January.

In addition, this new range of phones was recently registered in Brazil and in the list you could see that there would be no charger or headphones included in the box. Already with the launch of the Galaxy Note 20 headphones were removed from the box in some countries, such as the United States. Therefore, it may be one more step on the part of Samsung.

It is possible that these Galaxy S21 will be launched on the market without a charger in its box, as was the case with the iPhone 12. Another possibility would be to allow the user to choose if they want a charger in their box or not, as will happen with the Xiaomi Mi 11 in China. This option would leave the final decision in the hands of the user himself.

On January 14 these new Samsung phones will be officially presented and we can then see if they really won’t have the charger included in the box or not. It is something that has been rumored before and now that other brands do too, the South Korean manufacturer may also make that decision.

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