The rarest mobile of 2020 has electronic ink and 5G

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The rarest mobile of 2020 has electronic ink and 5G 1

5G has enjoyed a great expansion in Spain during 2020, being already available in almost all the large operators and with a great offer in terms of mobiles, having gone through the entire high-end range and with great growth in the mid-range.

Although it seemed that there were no more launches for 2020, Hisense has presented what for us may be the rarest mobile of the year, by combining two technologies that do not seem to have the best of synergies.

HiSense’s latest mobile has e-ink and 5G

Electronic ink is often the protagonist in e-book readers, sometimes we have seen Android phones that incorporate these technologies. The most notable case is that of the Yotaphone, a mobile that had a screen on each side, but this company ended up closing.

The rarest mobile of 2020 has electronic ink and 5G 2

Hisense, on the other hand, enjoys greater security in the market as it is an established television manufacturer, which allows them to experiment more. This company has already presented mobiles with a color ink screen that are quite attractive, although its latest terminal has surprised us more.

The HiSense A7 is a terminal that combines the electronic ink screen with 5G connectivity. The reason? Well we suppose that beyond that to prove that it is possible or because putting the latest fashionable technology makes it sell more.

The rarest mobile of 2020 has electronic ink and 5G 3

It is very difficult for us to find the sense of existence since most of the benefits for the user with 5G are in streaming content and online gaming thanks to its low latency, but if afterwards the screen only has a valid refresh rate only to read and speak by messenger, it is of little use.

For the rest, it is a terminal whose screen is huge and between low consumption and its 4,770 mAh it should have a great autonomy. Its price of 1,999 yuan, about 250.95 euros at the exchange, may make it attractive as a secondary mobile, regardless of whether it has 5G or not.

HiSense A7 Features

  • Screen:
    • Diagonal: 6.7 inches.
    • Pixel density: 300 ppi.
    • Technology: Electronic ink.
  • Performance:
    • Processor UNISOC T7510.
    • 6 GB of RAM.
    • 128 GB of internal storage.
  • Drums:
    • Capacity: 4,770 mAh.
    • 18W fast charge.
  • Dimensions:172 x 86 x 9 mm.
  • Weight:221 grams.
  • System version:Android 10.

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