The racing game based on Mario Kart

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Table of Contents

This racing game contains a strong appearance from Mario Kart Tourboth in gameplay and in design. Obviously we’re not going to find the iconic characters of the saga of this plumber jumping, but in the rest of the sections are inspired in large measure, something that we will analyze below.

KartRider Rush+
KartRider Rush+

More game modes, more fun

What we can highlight of this game and, in what it differs from Mario Kart, it is in the variety of game modes that we have at our disposal. It is not an exaggeration, you can verify at the moment that we walk on the menu to start a career and see all those options in which to get involved from the first moment.

Katrider Rush game modes

Without a doubt, its strong point is the onlinewhere it can be run on events multiplayer individually, as the creation of a computer will not be unlocked until level 11, though it is possible to find friends nothing more land in the game. In addition, in the main screen we find both a global chat, like other dedicated to the team or to private messages.

Katrider Rush story mode

Apart from all that, we have more ways in which practice in the face to the multiplayer. The one that stands out the most among all of them is the ‘Story Mode’, whose goal is to win races against villains increasingly rocky, until we solve the chapter, and so on until complete the story. on the other hand, we encounter challenges on a daily basis, contrarrelojes, a section to play games more arcade, a ‘Mode Ranked‘ or even a training camp to improve our skills.

KartRider Rush is not a pay-to-win

Appropriating the popular saying ‘tying dogs with sausage’ is how one can describe this part of the game. Course includes purchases that enable advantages over who invests real money, but unlike its direct rival in this genre, the catalog is less comprehensive and more superficial, the predominant elements of personalization or customization of characters.

Katrider Rush character

In addition, the diversity in gameplay that it offers KartRider Rushmakes it easier to collect greater rewards to get new cars, skins or circuits.Speaking of customization, is a key aspect in this game from the beginning to the end, because anything more open it we see that you can choose between boy or girl, depending on our tastes, as well as choose your speaking voice in the story mode. By putting a paste, is that the game is completely in English, without possibility to change it-and with so much functionality, it’s a bit difficult to adapt to all sections. It is expected to include more languages.

Is it worth it to switch to KatRider Rush?

If you really want a game of the same court that Mario Kart Tour but with other ideas and more variety in gameplay, without a doubt, your choice should be KatRider. It offers the same style of racing with a wide range of cars to customize, and up to 50 different tracks in which to participate. Best of all this is that it is within our reach to almost starting the game and without being a title pay-to-win, but all we can do it base play and play.

Katrider Rush gameplay

In addition, it has more ways to enjoy and make the most of your experience, thanks to a story mode and several individual events that allow you to be derailed by a moment of the online world. It is precisely the multiplayer the biggest asset of this gamewith quick games and also ranked, where it only involved the fastest.