The problems of Android screen 11 in the Pixel 4 will be fixed soon

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The problems of Android screen 11 in the Pixel 4 will be fixed soon 1

Android 11 launched yesterday its second betawhich introduced a number of new features. Users with the Google Pixel 4 already have access to this beta, even though from the previous versions of the operating system these users have found problems on the device screen. Since after upgrade, users started to notice a strange flicker on the screen, something that happens to users in Spain also.

This flickering happens when it goes from 60 to 90 Hz on the screen phone. In the first version of Android 11 for developers, we have faced with this failure already on the screen of the Google Pixel 4. Unfortunately, subsequent versions of the operating system, or your first beta did not fix this annoying bug. Google is already working to fix it.

Google will fix the bug in the Pixel 4

In addition, the new beta of Android 11, this problem in the display of the Pixel 4 has become even worse. So for users with these phones is something really annoying, which they hope to have soon a solution. A solution that is already underway, because Google will release soon an update to fix the error.

Since Google have confirmed that this bug has been fixed already internally, so that in a couple of weeks to be released that update to users, so that flickering on the screen go away. Have not given dates, simply it has been said that in about two weeks, more or less, will be made available to the users.

For now, users with the Google Pixel 4 can solve this flashing if you use the screen at 90 Hz at all timessomething that is going to have to force on the phone. At least it prevents you from having to deal with the same at the time of using the device, while it is expected that Google going to release that update for the phones, correcting the fault.

Google Pixel 4

Therefore, a new update for Android 11 will be responsible for correcting this fault in the device within little. If you have a Pixel 4 and you’re experiencing this flickering on the screen, in a couple of weeks you’ll be able to have access to this update. Google will inform when to release the same.

The input problems screen Android 11, in the Pixel 4 will be fixed soon appears first in Android Free.