The PlayStation mobile appears that never saw the light

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The PlayStation mobile appears that never saw the light 1

Sony is one of the large companies that has lost more prominence in recent years, but it was not always like that. In the early days of Android, his mobile company, led in conjunction with Ericsson, showed us spectacular terminals such as the Xperia Arc or the “PlayStation phone”, officially known as the Sony Ericcson Xperia Play.

This mobile reached the market in 2011, and although it never saw the light, Sony was working on a new generation of this mobile. It is a mobile that never saw the light, but that in the middle of 2020 we can see for the first time in real images how the second generation of the official PlayStation phone could have been.

The Xperia Play 2 appears in 2020, the PlayStation mobile that was canceled

Normally, when we talk about leaks, the usual are last generation models and with high expectations, such as the best Samsung, Xiaomi or OnePlus phones. However, sometimes we are lucky enough to meet mobile phones that never saw the light of day, prototypes that in their time we would have loved.

The latest to arrive is the second generation Xperia Play. We were in 2011, a time when the first dual-core processors came to Android. The most modern version of Android for mobile was Gingerbread and Google had just introduced a version of Android specifically for tablets. In the world of video games the Nintendo 3DS had just hit the market and Sony already had several revisions of its PSP, the latest being the PSP GO.

The PlayStation mobile appears that never saw the light 2

This console had a sliding control, an idea that Sony reused with the Xperia Play, a rather thick mobile that, in addition to being a smartphone, had the possibility of playing some PlayStation exclusives and games that were compatible with the control.

The PlayStation mobile appears that never saw the light 3

One of the defects of the first Xperia Play is that it was too wide, so in this second generation we see how the Japanese company significantly reduced the thickness of the terminal. The haptic buttons for the menu, home, back and search are also appreciated, which indicates that the prototype would be from the same 2011, before Android 4.0 was presented, a version that left aside the search button.

The PlayStation mobile appears that never saw the light 4

Perhaps taking back the Xperia Play is not a very attractive idea within Sony, but with the rise of gaming smartphones and video game streaming, returning the initial idea of ​​the Xperia Play, even as a mobile accessory would be a great idea that it is worth considering.

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