The other ‘Justice League’: these are the different versions of their heroes available in streaming

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You may have been wanting more after the four hours that lasts ‘Zack Snyder’s Justice League’. But It may be that the director’s lean and bombastic style simply overwhelms you, and be a fan of a lighter vision of superheroes. Or maybe these portraits of Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, The Flash and Cyborg have piqued your curiosity, and you want more.

No problem: we bring a good number of alternate portraits of the heroes protagonists of ‘Zack Snyder’s Justice League’. Historical, iconic, bizarre, or unusual visions of DC heroes, and all lend themselves to be enjoyed on your nearest streaming platform. Don’t take off your cape and mask yet, we have DC superheroes for a while.


{“videoId”: “x7zv19h”, “autoplay”: true, “title”: “The Dark Knight – Trailer”}

There are dozens of Batman movies, but the great icons are three: the visions of Snyder, Nolan and Burton / Schumacher, descending in time. Each one has its peculiarities, and if you are a fan of Snyder’s vision we recommend that you go to Nolan (who is also the producer of Snyder’s DC hero movie). The best of his proposals is the second of them, ‘The Dark Knight’ (you have it in Movistar +).

If you want a different vision, go to Warner’s proposal from the nineties: ‘Batman returns’ (HBO) is both an auteur film with all the aesthetic and thematic tics of Tim Burton and a Bat Man adventure. And then Joel Schumacher injected it with color, quirky villains, and pop nonchalance. His ‘Batman and Robin’ (HBO) has ended up acquiring just cult status. Avoid it if you are a big fan of Snyder’s solemnity, but devotees of the sixties series know perfectly well that this as well it’s Batman.

And finally, check out the Batman animation movies: there is everything and for all tastes (you will find many for rent on Apple TV + and Rakuten, for example). But if you want to start right away with a very special one, try ‘Batman Ninja’ (Netflix), an anime-style vision of the hero’s adventures, in a unique Elseworlds.


{“videoId”: “x8009xh”, “autoplay”: false, “title”: “Superman (1978) – Trailer”}

Beyond contemporary reimagines like Snyder’s or the recent and wonderful ‘Superman and Lois’ (in HBO), you can head, without fear of the slightest disappointment, towards two very classic proposals. One, of course, is Richard Donner’s version of the myth from 1978 (Prime Video), and that It is not only the best Superman movie, but also the visual and thematic canon by which all films in the genre have been cut.. Even the current ones.

And then we have animation: apart from movies galore, again, to rent on different platforms (take a look at ‘Superman: Red Son’ in Rakuten) we recommend that you go to another infallible classic. ‘The Original Animated Adventures of Superman’ (Prime Video) compiles the still impressive shorts produced by Max and Dave Fleischer. With the technique of the rotoscope, they gave an unusual dynamism to the adventures of the Man of Steel, and today they are still as exciting as in 1942.

Wonder woman

{“videoId”: “x800av6”, “autoplay”: false, “title”: “Professor Marston and the Wonder Women – Trailer”}

Until very recently, Wonder Woman was a relatively unknown character to the general public, despite the success of the Lynda Carter television series in the 1970s, and being one of the iconic characters of DC. Apart, obviously, from the two Gal Gadot movies, you have so interesting animated movies What it’s in iTunes that reviews the origins of the character.

Although without a doubt, the most interesting proposal about Wonder Woman is ‘Wonder Women and Professor Marston’ (on Rakuten TV), a portrait of the creator of the Amazon, William Marston. Amateur psychiatrist bondage, he had an open relationship with two women, his wife and one of his students, and together they gave aesthetic and conceptual shape to one of the greatest DC myths.


{“videoId”: “x800ay3”, “autoplay”: false, “title”: “Aquaman – Trailer”}

Although played by Jason Momoa himself, the style and tone of his solo film (in Netflix), directed by James Wan, is completely different from Snyder’s. Closer to an aquatic adventure movie than to the dark and grim tone of ‘Justice League’, Wan’s film injects into the myth archaeological adventures, submarine battles and even some Lovecraftian horror.

And if you don’t have enough, take a look at his LEGO version in ‘Wrath of Atlantis’ (HBO), where not only the Justice League intervene, but the fearsome Red Lanterns. If you like the nice tone ‘Land as you can’ of the universe of pieces and constructions, this movie delves into the mythology and classic powers of the hero more than any other.


{“videoId”: “x800fi9”, “autoplay”: false, “title”: “Teen Titans GO! To The Movies – Trailer”}

For a character that we had barely seen on screen until very recently, It’s amazing how much Cyborg appears from DC adaptations from a time to this part. Of course, he usually does it in those of the Titans, a group to which he originally belonged. And the best titanic adaptation, without a doubt, is the series ‘Teen Titans Go!’, Which you have distributed among Netflix Y HBO.

To the six seasons of the series is added his sensational movie, an hour and a half of waking up superhero that leaves you with a stomach ache from laughing so much, wondering why Zack Snyder takes everything so seriously. You have it on Amazon Prime Video. As for the real image, you have Cyborg in the unclassifiable ‘Doom Patrol‘(on HBO), where Victor is one of the more balanced characters, so you can imagine how the rest are.

The Flash

{“videoId”: “x800ep4”, “autoplay”: false, “title”: “The Flash TV Series – Trailer”}

The other day We recommended ‘Justice League: The Paradox of Time’ as a good way to dive into the many comings and goings of good old Barry Allen, but there are other options. Beyond the abundant Justice League movies, there is the stupendous ‘The Flash’ (in HBO), a vision of the character much more sophisticated than that of ‘Justice League’ (and that understands his speed better), although yes, less tormented. And if you have more desire to travel in time to full train, the LEGO movie out there on HBO is ‘Trapped in time’ … with masked men.

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