The Oppo Find X2 begin to update to Android 11

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Oppo is a brand that returned to Spain last year and that in a matter of months has enjoyed exponential growth. Although the company knows how to create good phones, offering support to match is even more important, especially in the case of flagship models, such as the Oppo Find X2 and X2 Pro.

The company assured that it would have the update to Android 11 ready for the month of December, but it seems that the development of the beta has been much faster than expected, and that is that several users are beginning to receive the latest version of Android.

The Oppo Find X2 and X2 Pro begin to receive Android 11

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Despite Oppo estimating the release of the final version for December, several users on the XDA Developers forums have begun to report the release of the stable version of Color OS 11, version of Oppo’s customization layer based on Android 11. .

This update seems to be being applied to the Find X2 and Find X2 Pro, and that users who were already in the beta would be receiving it first (in an update that weighs about 800 megabytes). The update has begun to reach users in Europe, so it is expected that in the coming weeks it will be available for Spain.

Top Color OS 11 enhancements

The Oppo Find X2 begin to update to Android 11 1

  • Translation with three finger gesture.
  • Customizable dark mode.
  • Resizable floating windows.
  • screen Always on.
  • New wallpaper features.
  • Possibility to change the colors of the system as in OnePlus mobiles.
  • Personalization in fingerprint sensor, icons and tones.

Most relevant changes in Android 11

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  • Notifications:
    • Notification bubbles: Android now incorporates a native floating notification system similar to the Facebook Messenger bubbles, but much more efficient (so much so that even Facebook abandons its system in Android 11). Applications like Telegram are already experimenting with this system and hopefully it will also end up on WhatsApp.
    • Controls for multimedia applications are now part of the quick settings panel.
    • Now we will have a notification history for each application.
    • Grouped notifications have a cleaner and more visual appearance.
    • Priority notifications allow us to select more important contacts and receive personalized notifications with their avatar and able to bypass do not disturb mode.
  • After holding down the power button, we will not only have access to payment cards, but we also have the possibility of having control of the home automation.
  • Privacy:
    • Specific storage becomes a mandatory feature: From now on, applications that require the use of storage permissions will not be able to register your mobile in full, but only access the files necessary for their use.
      • An exception is made for file managers, which still need full access.
    • Automatic restoration of permissions: When we have not used an app for a long time, it will lose access to the permissions it already had.
    • One-time permissions for camera or microphone: Want to give an app permission to use the camera or microphone but don’t want to give it permission forever? Now you can allow them to use these elements once.

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