The official app to save data on Android TV now available in the Play Store

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Most of the people who use Android TV in Spain have WiFi available to enjoy their favorite content. Not everyone has this possibility and there are some who use their mobile as a hotspot in order to reproduce these contents, with the consequent consumption of mobile data. Luckily, Google launches an app with which to solve this problem.

Android TV Data Saver is the name of this application, that has already entered the Google Play Store. It is an application created by Google, which seeks that users will be able to save mobile data while watching content or playing games on their device with Android TV.

Save mobile data on Android TV

Android TV Data Saver

Google initially launched this app in India last year, for those users with Android TV who they don’t have WiFi at home and connect your Smart TV to a mobile point. The company now launches this application in a general way for users, because it can be downloaded from the Play Store in any country. This way it will be possible to save data with the app.

This application is presented as a solution for a large number of users. The operation of it is similar to the basic mode of Google Chrome. When using the application, media players are instructed to transmit at lower bit rates and / or resolution to save as much data as possible. This makes it easier to remove buffering on slower connections, bringing HD content to more users. In addition to compressing, the application can also issue notifications with data usage, to avoid consuming the entire rate or having to pay more than you should.

Data Saver data usage

Considering that many manufacturers release Android TV devices around the world, the application can be a very helpful tool. Mobile data can be saved with little effort, without this going to get a worse experience when playing or playing series and videos.

Android TV Data Saver notifications

The application has already been launched on the Play Store officially, where it can be downloaded for free. These past few days it seemed to continue to suffer some restrictions depending on the country, but it seems that users will be able to download it, regardless of their country of residence.

The official app to save data on Android TV now available in the Play Store 1


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