The official app of the largest internet community

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Table of Contents

It has found its niche in the Android scene, where there is a lot of user activity in the forum from this platform. News, tutorials, consultations … All this activity has led the website administrators to design the first official mobile app, with the obvious name of Reddit as the protagonist.


What is Reddit?

Reddit is a social bookmarking and news aggregator website where users can add text, images, videos or links. Provides a space in which they can discuss countless topicsIn fact, there are no limitations in relation to this. Reddit is recognized for the great freedom it offers its users, being one of the most open spaces in this regard.

The site has discussion areas where users can discuss posted links and vote for or against other users’ comments. In addition, Reddit not only has purely technological topics, but also includes sections called “Subreddits” that focus on a certain topic such as politics, programming, science, technology, including questions and talks and even sections for adults.

Reddit, an app with Material Design

Until not long ago, Reddit didn’t have an official client. This application has a very clean interface, which will make you see the content very clearly. It is perfect for users who do not like complicated things and full of settings. Although this may be just its negative point since, for example, you cannot change the font size (and it is a bit small). In any case, we must not rule out that future updates will bring out new options.

reddit android home

Following the canons of Material Design, in it we can find most of the options that are necessary to make use of it and squeeze each area; all sections are very well defined and it is as complete as it is simple. Once we have logged in, we can see our news feed, as well as the list of topics we have. Through the floating button so characteristic of Material Design, we can share links or images through the app itself or others that we have installed.

Regarding the news, When we open one of them we will have options such as sharing it, saving it or viewing the comments that are in it. And as interesting news, they include a night mode (which we will talk about in detail later) or the possibility of seeing adult content marking certain settings from the configuration.

reddit android create post

At best menu we can also search on certain topics that interest us, enter our message box private or access our profile. In addition, we have the possibility of use a filter to sort the news to our liking, see them in different views (cards, lists …) and of course, enter the configuration of the app itself.

Dark mode, compressed format and much more

In those same application settings, which we can find in the drop-down sidebar, we have a dark mode. Activating it and visiting a new subreddit will activate us, a good idea for fans this way. Although, as a general rule, it will be activated the first time we enter the app, especially if we use dark mode in the general operating system. On the other hand, Reddit for Android has options even to contact the moderators, follow subreddits and sort by popular, hot or new.

reddit android settings

We can choose between compact view or normal view, we have a floating button to send new articles, send messages, search engine, access to the various subreddits … also everything is very fluid, which is always appreciated when we are in front of an application with so much information.

However, not everything was going to be rosy in the official app of this forum, despite its correct operation and its simplicity when using it. Some functions such as the rules of each subreddit do not quite work for us, as well as the item loading when viewing a gallery of photos or videos, so the data load is somewhat slow. Finally, a most notable negative point is that the app only handles english as the interface language. It is true that it is one of the hallmarks of the forum, but it would not have cost anything to pull a translator for the texts.