The number of WHO against the coronavirus in WhatsApp already in Spain

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Table of Contents

A week ago the who launched its bot official for WhatsApp, which seeks to provide information about the coronavirusdata from official sources, in addition to give advice or answer questions that users may have. This bot was launched in English and we show the way in which it was possible to activate it to have it present in the application.

Although at its release it was said that there were plans to launch it very soon in more languages, among them Spanish. Finally, this bot WHO is makes available to users in Spanish. If you want to have this bot in Spanish on WhatsApp, you’ll be able to use it since. We show you how.

The bot WHO’s now in Spanish

The number of WHO against the coronavirus in WhatsApp already in Spain 1

The way to activate it in Spanish is identical to the manner in which you had to activate in English. You have to send a message to a phone number specific in WhatsApp, so that said bot WHO is ready to be activated on the phone. The sections and functions remain the same, providing information about the coronavirus, with other sections for tips, news, in addition to the possibility of making donations. How can you have such a bot:

  • Sends the Message Hello to the number +41 22 501 76 90 you can do so from this link.
  • Waiting to get the menu of the bot.
  • To view a particular section, it sends the number of the same.
  • If you want to go back to see the menu, it sends 0.

The data are the same that are provided in the bot in English, you’re going to be able to continue using in case you want to. But for those users who do not speak English or prefer to have this information from the WHO in Spanishthe new bot makes it possible in a simple way. If you want, you’ll be able to set this conversation at the beginning of WhatsApp, in order to have quick access to it and that it does not go missing between the rest of the conversations.

It is a reliable source of datathat is something of great importance at a time like the present, where there is doubt and fear on the part of many. So you’re going to avoid hoaxes, rumors or false news and be informed of the correct way, in addition to having tips on how to protect yourself.

Input The number of WHO against the coronavirus in WhatsApp already in Spain appears first in Android Free.