The Nokia 7.2 is updated to Android 10

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Nokia 6.2 and Nokia 7.2, triple rear camera and circular without Android One

Nokia was the first brand in Android to announce the dates in which their phones were going to have access to the Android 10. The brand has been in compliance with this calendar, though several weeks ago it announced it was going to be a series of changes in the dates, causing that some phones would have to wait a little more. But the brand continues with the updates and it is now the turn of the Nokia 7.2.

Juho Sarvikas is in charge of announce the launch of the update to Android 10 for this Nokia 7.2, as usual. This model is one of the phones most prominent in their mid-range, and you can now enjoy the new version of the operating system.

Update to Android-10

Android 10

The update is being deployed already worldwideso if you have this Nokia 7.2 soon you’ll be able to have access to the Android 10 in the same. Unfortunately, they have not been given specific dates you will be available in each country. It is expected that over the next few days the update will be rolling and coming to more countries.

Next to this update for the phone we find the security patch of march 2020the most recent one that Google has released so far. The users will have this form of protection most recent in the phone, enjoying the new features of Android 10.

Thanks to the upgrade to Android 10, the Nokia 7.2 happens to have all the new features that were introduced in this operating system. From the dark mode to native, new privacy settings, navigation gestures, individual management of the permissions in the phone and many more. A renewal of importance for the device.

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If you have this Nokia 7.2, you will not have to wait too long. The update is being rolled out through an OTA, as usual, so that when it is available you will receive a notification on your phone stating that you can already upgrade. As happens in these cases, it is recommended to update having the WiFi turned on, and that it will consume your data rate unnecessarily.

The entrance to The Nokia 7.2 is updated to Android 10 appears first in Android Free.