The Nokia 3.1 and Nokia 5.1 begin to update to Android 10

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Nokia 3.1

Nokia is a brand that stands out for updating its entire range to the new versions of Android that are launched, also in Spain. If a couple of weeks ago the devices that were going to have access to Android 11 were confirmed, the brand is still launching Android 10 for some of your phones. Two were missing to complete last year’s calendar: the Nokia 3.1 and Nokia 5.1.

Months ago the firm changed its update schedule to Android 10, so users with a Nokia 3.1 or Nokia 5.1 have had to wait a little longer. Luckily, the brand has started to release the update to Android 10 for these phones.

Android 10 for Nokia 3.1 and Nokia 5.1

The update to Android 10 for the Nokia 3.1 is rolling out now, as the brand itself has announced on its social networks. It is launched first in a group of countries in Asia, Africa, the Middle East and Eastern Europe, so Spain is not yet among them. This first deployment will last until October 12. At the moment nothing is known about when the update will be released in other countries.

The update for the Nokia 5.1 is going to have to wait a little longer, since it won’t be until October 24 when it is to be deployed. In this case, the countries in which this deployment will begin have not been mentioned for the moment, but surely in the next two weeks we will have more data in this regard.

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Thanks to the update, these two phones become the last that the brand confirmed last year, to update to Android 10. They thus obtain a series of new functions, such as dark mode, better management of application permissions or navigation gestures, among other improvements.

The rollout begins now, but it will take a few weeks to reach all owners of a Nokia 3.1 or Nokia 5.1 around the world. If you have either of these two devices, the update is beginning its rollout, but you will still have to wait a while.

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