The next Galaxy Z Fold would arrive with an under-screen camera

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So far, we have seen a couple of mobiles with an under-screen camera such as the ZTE Axon 20 5G, which will probably not be launched in Spain and the Vsmart Aris and Aris Pro. It is expected that next year there will be some more brand that does use of this technology, which seems finally ready to go. One of the phones to use one could be Samsung’s new Galaxy Z Fold.

Brands on Android such as Xiaomi are preparing to use a camera under the screen, although so far it is not known when it will happen. Samsung could be one of the top brands on Android to use this in 2021 and they would also do it in their next folding, the Galaxy Z Fold 3.

A Galaxy Z Fold with an under-screen camera

The next Galaxy Z Fold would arrive with an under-screen camera 1

The Galaxy Z Fold 2 that Samsung presented in September arrived with a hole in the screen, a notable improvement over the huge notch that the first generation of the brand’s folding had. It seems that the brand seeks to continue with the evolution in its next folding, which would have a camera located below the screen in this third model of the Fold family.

The next model in the Fold range would hit the market in the third quarter of 2021. To make it possible to use an under-screen camera, the brand would use a spatial panel designed by Samsung Display (the division in charge of panels), while the camera sensor would be the responsibility of the Samsung Electronics System LSI division.

To obtain the best possible results when taking photos with said front camera, Samsung would also be working on an image correction algorithm. Thanks to it, the photos would be better, despite the fact that said camera would be located below the screen of this Galaxy Z Fold 3.

Industry sources have revealed that the screen of this Galaxy Z Fold 3 is designed so that only the part where the camera is placed is enlarged to ensure an aperture and take pictures without problems. This phone it would be Samsung’s first in having said camera under the screen. It is not known if they plan to use it on more phones in their catalog in 2021.

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