The new web Google for the coronavirus: data, tips, and more information

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Table of Contents

The current situation with the coronavirus generates a lot of concern, fear and also doubt to millions of people. That’s why, obtain information from reliable sources it is something that is necessary, as the bot WHO in WhatsApp. Google also seeks to contribute to provide information that is useful to people, so they have created a website in Spanish with information about it.

Google also shows the various ways in which they seek help in these moments in Spain, providing information and various options. After inaugurating a section of the coronavirus in the Play Store, the company is now launching this web page in Spain, to which you can enter at this link.

Information about the coronavirus

The new web Google for the coronavirus: data, tips, and more information 1

This web page is divided into several sections, as you can see in your side menu. Within the web, Google offers public information the Government of Spain and the World Health Organization on the prevention of COVID-19, as well as a number of useful resources for users, teachers and companies. A page in which to stay informed on this topic.

There is a section with information about the coronavirusto know everything about this virus. There is also another section with safety tips, which will help us to know what you should do in this kind of situations, to minimize the risk of contagion. In addition, we show real data about their evolution in all the world. The other two sections focus on donations and have access to various resources.

The last section is the resources, where we find content, such as YouTube channels to learn from home, other to be able to do exercises and relax, in addition to having access to some of the Google applications and services that can be an escape at a time like this, such as Arts & Culture, which makes your home becomes a museum, in a simple way, for example. Also with a section that help you to work from home, with tips and tools for companies and workers.

The new web Google for the coronavirus: data, tips, and more information 2

With this page, Google hopes to be able to help all those who looking to be informed on the coronavirus in Spain. In addition to giving us access to resources with which to learn, to keep us entertained in times like the present, or to be able to make donations to various causes. From today this page is available entirely in Spanish, you can enjoy it from this link.

The entrance to The new website of Google for the coronavirus: data, tips, and more information appears first in Android Free.