The new photo of the Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 shows a new new color

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The new photo of the Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 shows a new new color 1

Weeks ago we have news about the Galaxy Watch 3that will be the next smart watch from Samsung and should arrive by the end of this summer to Spain. Earlier this month we leaked the first photo of the clock, and since then we have come to know ever more details about the same. As we also design the complete has been leaked.

A new image has been leaked on this new clock generation of the hyundai brand, that also reveals a new model within the range. The watch from Samsung will be launched in two sizes (41 and 45 mm). It is expected that there will be multiple colors within each type, and we can now see a design in bronze.

So is the Galaxy Watch 3 in golden tone

Galaxy Watch 3 color gold pink bronze

Until now, there had been leaked photos of the model 45 mm this new watch. The new photo shows us how will look the Galaxy Watch 3 of 41 mm in a bronze colour or gold gold. It is confirmed in this way in addition there will be a version of the watch in this color, something that no one knew until the moment. In the picture you can also see that the watch will have a strap to play, in the same color as the body.

The photos leaked out until now showed the watch with a silver and blackthat tend to be featureless in this range. Now added to the same a color rose gold, which no doubt stands out above the other models we have seen so far of this new generation of watches of the brand Korean.

The date of presentation of the Galaxy Watch 3 is as close as ever. It is said that it would be at the end of July, Samsung confirmed that it would be imminent, although other media says that we may have to wait for August, so that could come alongside the Galaxy Note 20, which are to be submitted at the beginning of August, as already happened in the past year. We will have to wait for some confirmation shortly.

The entrance to The new photo of the Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 shows a new new color appears first in Android Free.