The new interface of Xiaomi, MIUI 12, already has a date of filing

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During the last few weeks we have been learning a number of developments that will bring the mobile from Xiaomi in the coming months. The leaks of MIUI 12 have been much more numerous than we had expected, and the reason was that your presentation is going to overtake.

Although MIUI 11 takes a little more than 6 months with us, it seems that Xiaomi wants to announce what will be their next major version, MIUI 12, although it is likely that you do not see in today’s mobile up and within a few months.

We are left with the question of whether the new Xiaomi Mi 10 Youth Editionthe chinese version of the Xiaomi Mi 10 Lite will be announced on the same day, the will series. It seems that it will be slightly different with a improved camera software and a weight and size less, due to the inclusion of a battery to something smaller.

MIUI 12 arrives April 27

The new interface of Xiaomi, MIUI 12, already has a date of filing 1

Xiaomi has announced in its profile of Weibo, the chinese social networking site, that the day April 27 there will be a presentation that will make it official in both the model commented as MIUI 12.

Will be at two in the afternoon there, which implies that the 8 Monday morning in Spain I will be counting the new features of this new interface.

What do we expect

We don’t know what type of ad will do the business, if you will show the updates to the system or if give you a list of mobiles that will be updated, an officer, of course. We already saw a first list of phones that will be updated to MIUI 12, but being a leak, there is no guarantee that they are eventually those who receive the new firmware.

Yes that we hope to learn at least more features that will be included in this version, like the ones I mentioned in previous articles. We even saw a video of this interface.

The entrance to The new interface of Xiaomi, MIUI 12, already has a date display appears first in Android Free.