The new driving mode of Google Maps will come to everyone soon

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A couple of weeks ago the first users began to have access to the new driving mode on Google Maps, a function that will be launched in Spain as well. Function deployment has been limited, but in the new version of the application, with number 10.53.1, new clues are given about its progress.

This new driving mode is called to replace the Android Auto app on smartphones, and introduces a new interface and better voice control with Google Assistant. Google is preparing to expand this feature among Google Maps users very soon. In addition to introducing a function already present in the web version of the app.

Driving mode and change language on Google Maps

The new driving mode of Google Maps will come to everyone soon 1

This new driving mode on Google Maps It is more comfortable to use, thanks to a renewed interface, with larger buttons, which allow easier use of it. In addition, the integration with Google Assistant is better and new voice controls are also introduced, which will allow the user to control the app with commands while driving, without having to touch the screen.

In this version 10.53.1 of the application, this driving mode is not the only novelty that awaits us. Since it has been discovered that Google works on a function to change language in the app on Android. Currently you can change the language that the guide speaks in the app, that voice that gives the directions, but there is currently no function that allows you to change the language in the app interface.

The new driving mode of Google Maps will come to everyone soon 2

The web version of Google Maps already has the possibility to change the language, so Google finally brings this option to the Android application as well. It will be in said next version of the Android application where it will be possible to change the language from the app settings.

For now it is unknown when they will be launched These functions officially for Android app users. Both functions have been seen, although they are not active yet. Google has not said anything yet about its official launch.

The entry The new driving mode of Google Maps will come soon to all appears first in The Free Android.