The Netflix app for Android is updated with better sound

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The explosion in video streaming consumption that we have seen in 2020 has been unmatched in previous years for several reasons. To the growing supply of services (in Spain for example we have HBO, Disney +, Netflix, AtresMedia, Prime Video, Filmin …) must be added the pandemic.

But not all consumption is done on smart TVs, or through devices like Chromecasts. More and more people are using mobile devices to watch series and movies, and Netflix knows this.

Netflix offers improved sound quality on Android

The Netflix app for Android is updated with better sound 1

As the company explained in a statement, the application for Android devices, not just mobiles, has been updated with a better treatment of audio tracks.

Specifically, the xHE-AAC codec (Extended HE-AAC with MPEG-D DRC), which allows us to offer a higher sound quality than what we had until now.

And not only will we have a better sound, but the audio tracks can be adapted to the quality of our connection, in the same way that video does, looking better on fast connections and with less resolution on slower connections.

One of the side effects will be a better sound in scenes with a lot of background noise, where sometimes the dialogues were not heard as well as we would like.

We will also have less volume changes so it will be necessary to vary this parameter less.

Netflix has announced that this improvement will arrive for all devices with Android 9 Pie or higher version, which are practically all those that are currently in use.

The Netflix app for Android is updated with better sound 2

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