The ‘My activity on Google’ page receives the dark theme

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One of the main novelties of Android 10 was the dark theme, the operating system added native support to this new mode that allows us to change the light colors of the applications for darker colors that are more friendly with our battery and especially with our eyes when we are using the mobile in rooms with low light.

He dark theme Android is not limited to changing the theme of applications, it is also thinking to change the theme of web pages. Since last year Google is trying to activate the dark theme in your browser, but while we are still waiting, we see that the company has launched the dark theme for ‘My Activity’ page.

Dark web theme in ‘My Activity’

The ‘My Google Activity’ page becomes the first website the company that adds support to the dark theme of Android. And this novelty is appreciated, since this configuration page is very long and full of options, so we can spend several minutes browsing among its options to configure privacy to our liking.

My Activity Dark Theme

The dark theme of ‘My activity on Google’ appears if we access with this mode activated from the configuration of our device. The website changes its pristine white background to two shades of dark gray, in addition to displaying the icons and images adapted to the dark theme.

It is expected that the website of ‘My Google account’ also add the dark theme in your web version as well as other pages and web products of the company, although surely for this it will come in the long term. Google has not yet updated all its apps with the dark theme, for example, Google Maps is still missing, whose dark theme began its testing phase last year but is not yet available to everyone.

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The ‘My activity on Google’ page receives the dark theme

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The 'My activity on Google' page receives the dark theme 1

The 'My activity on Google' page receives the dark theme 2