The Motorola One original per order is updated to Android 10

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Motorola is one of the companies that could boast of and not hinder or alter the Android experience on their mobiles. Not in vain to use the Android One with a few modifications.

This enables you to update their models fairly quickly. In theory. However, what is not, we can’t criticize is that you leave abandoned to their models.

Today we have known that the Motorola One, a terminal that we analyze in the fall of 2018 and that was upgraded to Android 9 a month after, has started to receive Android 10.

The Motorola One starts to receive Android 10

Analysis of the Motorola One: more Android One, less Motorola

Has been in Brazil where this model is beginning to receive the latest version of Android. Well, the latest stable because we know that we have one on the way, the Android 11, which is not yet even in beta phase.

remember that models One Action and One Vision had already been updated a few months ago, and that this has taken something more.

The Motorola One original per order is updated to Android 10 1

In particular was the 25th of march, the chosen to start sending the OTA in this country, that we remember is one of the most relevant markets for Motorola.

The software of that version is the QPK30.54-22 and includes the security patch of the month of February of 2020, which they are using for all phones that are updated to Android 10 this month, as expected.

As is logical, this update will bring all the new features of Android 10. If you do not know, or cannot remember them, I invite you to watch this video.

Watch video

It is expected that in the next few weeks, we have news of the arrival of this update to more countries, among them Spain.

The entrance to The Motorola One original per order is updated to Android 10 appears first in Android Free.