The most similar game to League of Legends

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Table of Contents

Perhaps in that search for a title that matches the experience of League of Legends, we found this title coming from the developer Moonton. We are going to analyze the ins and outs of this title that also participates in the world of eSports and why it should be a downloadable alternative to enjoy a MOBA.

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

Frenetic action in Mobile Legends Bang Bang

During the first minutes, we already realize the great aroma that LoL breathes, both in the graphic section and in the mechanics of it. Offers 5 vs 5 games on a map with three paths or lines that connect both bases, where we have the towers as targets to tear down and thus win the game. The surprising thing is that it finds games in just 10 seconds, in addition to a more content format of 10 minutes, very suitable for playing on a mobile.

mobile legends bang bang menu

Nothing is saved this title, neither in the content nor in the graphic. We find maps practically traced to the computer versions, with a great diversity to create ambushes and attack any of the 18 towers that the map keeps. Also we have 2 wild bosses to unlock and join our team to head to the enemy base. These are the objectives of the three game modes that the title has, which are a battle royale, a classic tower defense mode and another more arcade with an automatic combat mode.

mobile legends bang bang mechanical

During combat, as in all MOBAs we can go improving the character with an improvement of his attacks or adding skills. This can translate into a higher recharge of attacks or the fighter moving faster. On the other hand, with the gold that we are getting by killing rivals or minions that appear on the line, the game allows us to exchange it in the store to improve the equipment.

Fighters to choose from and easy to control

With a joystick on the left and skill buttons on the right, we only need 2 fingers to handle the hero at will across the map. It has a system called ‘Autolock and target filtering’ that will enable us to land final blows without missing the target. In addition, its “click and equip” mechanism allows upgrades to be installed without almost taking your eyes off the intense combat, which greatly facilitates gameplay.

As in all classic MOBAs, it has a fairly extensive catalog of heroes from up to 100 copies where we find different roles to have a team as balanced as possible. We can choose between Tanks, Mages, Shooters, Assassins, Supports … It is a decision that must be made with the rest of the team in the previous room to choose the right hero.

mobile legends bang bang gameplay

As we get Battle Points, we can unlock more collectible characters. They can be used in any of the game modes or events that Mobile Legends proposes periodically. The only thing we didn’t like is that the title forces us to play too many training games to learn the mechanics, unable to access heroes to find out their powers or stats.