The most minimalist launcher for Android: this is Olauncher

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Table of Contents

Olauncher cover

Personalization is important for Android users in Spain. One way to customize the appearance of your phone is to use a new launcher. The selection of launchers is quite wide, with options for all types of users, that transform your mobile into an iPhone with iOS 14 or that turn it into a productivity tool. Olauncher is an option for those looking for a minimalist design.

For those users looking for a minimalist design, which allows them to use their Android smartphone in a better way, Olauncher is a good choice. We are facing a simple launcher in terms of design, very easy to use and that protects our privacy.

Minimalist and easy to use

Olauncher select apps

The purpose of Olauncher is that avoid distractions when using your Android phone. Thanks to its minimalist design, it allows you to use your smartphone in the best way. In addition, it is a launcher that does not ask for strange permissions or use your data, so it respects your privacy at all times, which is another important aspect for users.

By using this launcher, you can choose four applications (the ones you use the most, for example), which you will place on the home screen. You will only have to press and hold on the app to choose this app from the list, where all the apps on the phone are shown. Having these apps will allow you to be, above all, these apps that you use on your smartphone. If you want to use something else, you will have to slide up on the screen, so that the list of apps appears and then press the one you want to open it. To change one of the four apps, long press on it and then select an app from the list.

Olauncher change apps

As you can see, Olauncher introduces himself as an especially minimalist option. Although this launcher will allow you to use the phone in a more efficient way, by having those apps that you use the most or need directly on the screen. It will prevent you from spending too much time in apps that are not a priority, but in which you end up spending a lot of time in your day to day.

How to download Olauncher on Android

This launcher can be downloaded for free in the Play Store. Due to problems, new features will be stopped in the free version and a paid version will be launched soon, where new functions will be introduced. There are no details at the moment about this paid version (when it will arrive or its price), but if you are looking for a simple and minimalist launcher, the free version that you can use already meets perfectly.

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