The most common problems with Gmail for Android and how to fix them

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Table of Contents

The most common problems with Gmail for Android and how to fix them 1

Gmail is one of the applications we use the most on Android in Spain. It is an application that has been improved over time, such as its recent integration with Google Meet, which we can deactivate if we want. As with any other application on Android, the mail application may have problems working at some point.

There is a series of problems in Gmail that are the most frequent for Android users. Therefore, if on any occasion you encounter any of these problems in the application, there are a series of solutions that we can use to make it work normally.

Gmail won’t open on Android

new Gmail

One of the most common problems is that Gmail app on Android does not work directly. Surely many of you have happened on occasion. It is unusual for the app to crash, although a few weeks ago it was exactly what happened, but if the app does not work, we can try this:

  • Internet connection: Check that your Internet connection (both data and WiFi) works correctly. A problem with your connection may prevent you from using the app.
  • App version: Checking that you have updated Gmail on your phone is important, since sometimes an old version causes operational problems. Although an update can also be the cause of this failure, so reverting to a previous version would also help.
  • Clear cache: Cache buildup can cause problems. To delete it, follow this route: Settings> Applications> Search for Gmail and enter it> Storage> Clear cache.

I do not receive emails to the account

Gmail sync

It is possible that do not receive the emails in your account Gmail on Android. When this happens, the most common cause is that the application has not been synchronized with your account, so that these messages do not arrive. Although it is not the only thing we can check to be sure:

  • Automatic sync: Check in the app settings if Gmail synchronization is activated, if not, it is the reason why these emails do not reach you.
  • Force sync: If the automatic does not work, you can resort to the manual, in the accounts section in the Android settings. This will force such manual account syncing on the phone.
  • Update: There are times when this type of problem originates because you need to update the application, so it looks for available updates, which will allow it to work again. On the other hand, it may be that it fails after updating, something that you solve by going back to a previous version.
  • Clear cache: If you accumulate too much cache, which ends up being corrupted, it is possible that you will get errors in the app, like this one. If you clear the application cache, from the Android settings, the problem may be solved.

Doesn’t send notifications on Android


Another problem that many users face when using Gmail on Android is that do not receive notifications when they email them. So it is impossible for us to know if they have sent you a new email, unless you open the application on the phone. If this happens to you, there are certain checks / solutions available:

  • Notifications blocked?: It may be the case that you have blocked the notifications of the application on the phone, preventing you from knowing when an email arrives. In the Applications section you can check if you have blocked Gmail notifications. If so, turn those notifications on again.
  • Android battery saver: If you have some kind of battery saving mode active on your phone, these functions usually limit the operation of mail applications in the background, so this would affect these notifications reaching you. If you deactivate it, you will have them again.
  • Data saving: Also saving phone data can have an influence on notifications, because the operation of the app in the background is limited. If you have this data saving active on your phone, it will have an influence on this app.
  • Do not disturb: If you have activated do not disturb mode on your phone, the phone notifications are normally blocked or muted during the time it is active. Check if you have this mode activated, in case it is the cause that you do not receive notifications.

I cannot view or download attachments

It is common that when they send us an email in Gmail, someone attach a file, be it a photo, document or video. There are times when it is impossible for us to view or download this attachment that someone has sent us. When this happens there are certain aspects that we need to review, in order to view or download the file in question:

  • Internet connection: If your Internet connection is bad or has fallen, it will not be possible to download that file that someone has attached. Check your connection.
  • Download only with WiFi: You may have your Gmail account configured on Android so that it is only possible to download attachments if you are using WiFi. Go to the app settings to see if this is the case.
  • Unsupported file: They may be sending you a file in a format that your phone cannot open, because you don’t have a compatible app for it. Try to find out the format of it to see if this is the case. It could also happen that the file is corrupt.

Gmail has stopped

The most common problems with Gmail for Android and how to fix them 2

This is a problem that occurs less and less, although it is still possible that when you use the app on Android, it crashes and appears on the screen a notice that says “Gmail has stopped”. The origin of this error is not entirely clear, although it is usually some failure in the processes within the mail application itself. If this happens to you, which can happen especially if you have old versions of the app or Android, you can do this:

  • Force close the app: Forcing an application to close on Android is usually a way to put an end to this type of failure. Since when we open it again, we are starting its processes again from scratch. So it might work fine once this is done.
  • Clear cache: If too much cache accumulates, which is later corrupted, it often causes problems in the operation of the apps. Therefore, if you clear that cache, you may be able to use the Google email app again.
  • Reboot phone: Basic solution, but that works for problems like this, because it forces all the processes of the phone to stop.

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