The most common problems of the Chromecast and how to fix them

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Table of Contents

The most common problems of the Chromecast and how to fix them 1

Thousands of users in Spain use a Google Chromecast in your tv, so as to have access to content in streaming on the same. Although it is a device whose configuration or performance in general just have complications, you may encounter some bugs or problems in the operation, as with any other device.

It is likely that you have suffered in any occasion any problem with your Chromecast (either the normal model or the Ultra). Therefore, we collect below the most common problems of this device, in addition to solutions to those problems that arise when we use it.

Chromecast does not come out as connected

The most common problems of the Chromecast and how to fix them 2

Possibly the most common problem faced by users with a Chromecast at home. There are times in which you get that is not connectedlike when you want to send any content from your phone and the icon has disappeared. This is something that can have various origins, in addition to several solutions. If this happens to us on occasion, this is what we can prove is:

  • Does the phone and Chromecast use the same WiFi?: A failure is usual to not have two devices connected to the same network, which makes it not possible to send the content and you leave that is not connected, simply because they use a different network or you are using your mobile data. Check that they are using the same.
  • Google Home not installed: If you’ve erased at one time the app from Google’s Home telephone, may be that is causing this. The application is the best means to monitor and configure this device, so it is better to have it on the phone. In case you don’t have it, try to install it.
  • Restart: The most classic and the best is still functioning in this type of cases, restarting the devices. In the case of Chromecast, remove the cable a few seconds and then reconnect. You can also restart the router (if the connection failed) and your mobile phone if it is a problem of the same.

The quality of the reproduction is bad

The most common problems of the Chromecast and how to fix them 3

It is possible to play content in 4K using your Chromecast, but that has occasions in which the quality of the content is worse than normal, showing a lower quality. The causes for this may be several, even that does not reside on the device, but is the app itself, as these months in which it has reduced the quality of many apps.

  • Test on other apps: If you’re watching content on Netflix, but the quality is not good, for example, test in another where there is also content in 4K. If you also in other applications occurs, the problem may reside in the stick and not in the apps.
  • Check your connection: To be able to have content in a quality as 4K is important to have a stable connection and safe, how to use fiber optics at home. If your connection is unstable, you probably can’t see this quality or that will go to reduce the same while watching content.
  • Place the router close to the tv: As close as possible will help to a good connection and above all will provide stability of the image, which in this type of situations is something important.

The connection drops continuously

Google Chromecast

What can happen is that the connection is dropping regularly, what keeps you from seeing such contents normally, something that is very annoying and causes a bad experience when viewing something using the Chromecast. As we have mentioned, a stable connection is important in these cases, to avoid problems:

  • Check the connection: Make sure that it is really a connection problem is something important, because it could also be that particular app that we are using is having connection problems. Use another application, to see if the same thing happens, for example, and see if it is something of the connection.
  • Reboot router: If the connection fails, reboot the router it is something that helps many times. Turn it off, let it be so for about 30 seconds and then turn it back on again. The connection should be more stable after this and thus be able to playback content without problems.
  • Uses a channel less congested: It is likely that the connection fails if you use a channel too congested. As this will allow you to have a stable connection and do not suffer problems when using Chromecast on your tv.

Restore Chromecast as a solution to any problem

Chromecast Ultra

There are occasions that when faced with a problem with Chromecast, none of the solutions work, or soon again arise such error with the device. That’s why, reinstall it can be presented as the best solution to finish once for all with the problems of functioning of the same. Is something to fall back on if nothing has worked before.

The process of reinstalling the Chromecast is not complicatedit may seem that it is something that we are going to take a long time and that will be problematic, but the reality is that in a few minutes everything will be ready and the more likely it is that the problems that have arisen and are going to disappear in this way. What do we do?

  1. Go to your tv, and locate the device Chromecast connected to the same.
  2. Press and hold the button for a few seconds.
  3. Waiting to be restarted, thus restoring their values to zero.
  4. Open the app of Google Home.
  5. Tap + in the upper left corner.
  6. Click on Configure device.
  7. Wait for the app to identify and locate your Chromecast.
  8. Check that you have the same code on the mobile screen and on the tv.
  9. Select the WiFi network.
  10. The installation is completed.

This process will allow go to use it normally. What we have done has been basically to restore factory, as you can do with a phone, so that the problems or faults present in the same disappear. A solution to which we can appeal at all times, although it is best to do this only if nothing else has worked.

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