The MIUI code reveals what Xiaomi’s first foldable will look like

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The segment of folding phones continues to grow in Spain, with Samsung being the company that is betting the most on them. It’s been a long time since there is talk about a Xiaomi folding mobile, which the brand has been developing for some time, although so far there has been no official announcement by the manufacturer, apart from having shown it on video, nor is it known when it would hit the market.

Despite the lack of news so far, the Chinese manufacturer continues to work on a folding device, as has been seen in the source code of MIUI 12, where some details are given about what could be its first folding mobile to reach stores.

Xiaomi will launch a foldable with a 108 Mpx camera

The MIUI code reveals what Xiaomi's first foldable will look like 1

XDA Developers are the ones who have discovered the first signs of this phone in the closed beta of MIUI 12 for the Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro. It talks about a phone with the code name “cetus”. In the code of this beta it has been seen that this device is referred to as a foldable device. So it would be that device that the brand would be currently working on. In addition, some details have been learned.

Since this device it would arrive with a 108 Mpx main camera and it would use Android 11 as the operating system, with the latest version of MIUI as a customization layer. At the moment no more details are known about this device, such as how it will be folded, although it is expected that it will use Qualcomm’s most powerful processor, which would place it in the premium segment on Android.

The brand He’s been working on his own flip phone for a whileIn fact, last year they registered a model in Europe. Although they have not released any devices so far, nor is anything known about their plans to launch one. This may finally be the model that Xiaomi puts on sale.

Xiaomi folding mobile

While Samsung already has three folding on the marketWith the Galaxy Z Fold 2 available for a few weeks, brands like Xiaomi have not yet debuted in this segment, although it is something that many expect. We will soon know whether or not cetus is the manufacturer’s first folding to hit stores, possibly in 2021.

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