The Ministry of Health already has an official channel of Telegram

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In these days of crisis for the coronavirus and the confinement of access to information is critical. It is important to have accurate information and proven, and official sources such as the world health organization or the Ministry of Health are crucial. And Telegram has decided to facilitate this task to the governments.

Applications that are part of our day-to-day have a great responsibility to avoid distributing false news, as well as assisting the media officers the possibility to communicate with people so they are as informed as possible.

Telegram is working with governments to provide official communications

The channels of Telegram are a great tool to distribute information. A channel is nothing more than a group in which only the creator can send messages, be a great way of unilateral communication.

The team of Telegram you want to help your platform is a means of communication valid for any source of official communication, and because of this is offering better tools to verify these channels and give them the seal that identifies them as groups, channels, or bots official.

Among the first of the official channels, the Ministry of Health of the government of Spain is one of the first to become available in the popular messaging application. The message that you can see in this article is one of the many messages with relevant information.

If you want to be informed at all times and you use Telegram, be listed on the official channel of the Ministry of Health is an excellent way to be informed.

Once you have it installed, from these links you can access the official channel of the government of health.

  • Official channel of the Ministry of Health.
  • Look at the messages of the Ministry of Health from the web site of Telegram without installing the application.

Today if you did not know Telegram, a messaging app that is constantly updated with new messaging features, a completely free application that we recommend.

The Ministry of Health already has an official channel of Telegram 1


The entrance to The Ministry of Health already has an official channel of Telegram appears first in Android Free.