The Little M2 Pro already has a date display and promises to be cheap

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The Little M2 Pro already has a date display and promises to be cheap 1

Pocophone made his return to the market this 2020 with the launch of the Little F2 Pro, introduced in may, way official and that we can already buy in Spain. This phone was a new high-end brand, although in this case they left us with a remarkable rise of prices compared to the first generation of phones. Soon we will be able to learn a new phone of the brand, because it confirms the arrival of the Little M2 Pro.

The Little M2 Pro will be the new phone of the brandthat is going to introduce very soon in India. The brand has already announced his official way of presentation. Although the video posted makes you think that this model could be an old acquaintance with a different name.

The Little M2 Pro will be official on July 7

The Little M2 Pro will be presented on 7 July in Indiaso it seems that at the moment the release is limited to the asian country. In the video that the brand has posted on your social networks, announcing this presentation, you can see the design of the rear of the phone, which is very similar to the Redmi Note, 9 Pro. This has led to speculations that say this phone would be simply an adapted version of the model of Redmi.

The brand touts the phone as an model, very fast, that also will stand out because of its fast loading. Do not forget that the Redmi Note 9 Pro has a quick load of 33W, so that it could be just that of what you speak. Another speculation is that this new phone Pocophone is based in one of the Redmi 10X presented recently. Since the rear of the phone has an identical design.

The brand promises that this Little M2 Pro will have a price revolutionary, so we can expect a price well adjusted for this model, although it does not seem to be the LITTLE ultrabarato that there have been leaks recently. On the 7th of July we will leave doubts and see what we have prepared up to the mark with this second phone to have in 2020.

The entrance to The Little M2 Pro already has a date display and promises to be cheap appears first in Android Free.