The Little F2 Pro starts to update to MIUI 12

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At the end of may showed the global version of MIUI 12, way official. This new version of the personalization layer of the phones Xiaomi it has been deploying between models mark these weeks, also in Spain. Not just phones-Xiaomi receive this update, because now it is the turn of the LITTLE F2 Pro.

The LITTLE F2 Pro is the phone with the Little has made his return the market, after a couple of years of silence. A high-end model, which we have already been able to analyze and that is available in Spain. This phone starts to update to MIUI 12, way official.

MIUI 12, to the LITTLE F2 Pro

The Little F2 Pro starts to update to MIUI 12 1

The phone was a Xiaomi confirmed weeks ago they were going to have access to the update, although there were no dates at the moment for the launch of the same. This LITTLE F2 Pro starts now to upgrade to MIUI 12 officially, getting the stable version of the personalization layer.

The deployment of the same has begun in Italy so official, in which it comes with the serial number V12.0.1.0.QJKEUXM. The update also has a weight of 1.1 GB, as has been shown in the case of the users who have already received their phones. As is usual in these cases, the update is being rolled out through an OTA, so users receive a notification on the device.

Thanks to this update the LITTLE F2 Pro gets a multitude of new functionsof which I already talked about in the presentation of MIUI 12 global. The camera application has been redesigned, we have new privacy options and the phone will be able to use also the spectacular wallpapers that are introduced in this version.

If you have a LITTLE F2 Pro, you should not have to wait too long to get MIUI 12 in a formal way. Now that the update is being released in Italy, it is already a fact that it will expand into more european markets these next few days. You’ll just have to wait to receive the notification that you have an upgrade available.

The entrance to The Little F2 Pro starts to update to MIUI 12 is listed first in The Android Free.