The LG G Series are not dead, but will not be as until now

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The LG G Series are not dead, but will not be as until now

The international market of mobile telephony has changed a lot in the last few years. The chinese companies like OPPO and Xiaomi have followed the steps you gave makes a lot of brands such as Huawei and ZTE and have shown your catalog to an international level.

This has affected companies such as Samsung or Motorola, but has hit much more strongly to others like Sony or LG.

This last has been the subject of rumors since it was believed that its iconic G-series, the models of higher range, they would disappear from the market.

The LG G Series does not disappear, but there will be stops of range

The LG G Series are not dead, but will not be as until now

Filtration of the LG G9

The information is not official insinuated that the company was going to cancel the LG G9, and that would mean the death of this family.

Apparently there will be as much a death as a reconversion and other sources suggest that the LG G9 will see the light, but not as a terminal of-the-range ultra-high, but as a model of services that are more contained and price adjusted. The official statement from LG goes in this direction:

For eight generations, the series LG G has created cutting-edge technology for consumers around the world. From cameras wide-angle to flexible screens and high-fidelity audio and from Quad DAC-up screens, 1440p, G-Series has consistently been at the forefront of the innovation of smart phones since 2012. We look forward to sharing more details soon.

It seems that LG wants to compete in a segment that does not have as many benefits as the high range but where you still have a chance.

One of the movements that seems to make will be to choose the Snapdragon 765 as the processor of this LG G9, being able to allocate 5G but without the need of opting for processors more expensive. This is something that is intuited, as we have a week ago.

The problem is that you will not face chinese mobile as the P40 Series, Huawei or OPPO Find X2 Pro, but it will do so with models like the Xiaomi Mi 10 Lite, which the company sells such as mobile 5G cheapest in the market.

We will have to wait a few weeks, or few months, to see which is ultimately the movement of this giant business.

The entrance to The LG G Series are not dead, but will not be as up to now appears first in Android Free.