The last game of Disney will make you enjoy as a child

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Table of Contents

The Disney universe continues to expand, if few days ago we received with joy the arrival of Disney + Spain, now it is the turn of a new game. That is in addition to the wide range of available applications of Disney for our devices.

Our protagonist will give us to enjoy, thanks to the presence of characters of now and always. That will make us go back to our childhood, whether current or have a few years on top already. For what is positioned as a proposal that will appeal to both adults and children. Shall we begin?

Disney Sorcerer’s Sand

On this occasion we find ourselves with a role-playing game by shifts, a genus very common in mobile devices for its great adaptability to the environment. However, unlike other titles of court similar, our protagonist has a great asset kept as it is the universe of Disney.

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Nothing more and nothing less than to have all the characters in the universe of Disneywhen we say all, since the characters in a more contemporary and well-known to the classic of always. Meeting with characters of Monsters SA or Toy Storyuntil the Jungle book for example.

This game of Disney includes several game modes

With all of them we must make our team and get into the bold, at the same time that competitive world of the sorcerer. In which we must to test our skills and powersand to advance progress on all levels that we find in our path.

And as we have seen in similar games, our primary mission is to maintain and evolve our team. To do this we will unlocking characters, which will continue to improve and adding attacks that will allow us to advance in our adventure.

You will find both classic characters, such as characters contemporary

As you win different battles, among the several game modes available, we will collecting cards that will allow us to unlock new characters, spells and new powers. But as we mentioned at the beginning, the major distinguishing point of the game are the Disney and Pixar characters.

And how could it be less in a game based on this universe of fantasy, the characters and scenarios gozan a great level of detail. Identifying, in seconds, at which movie or series belongs to the arena in which we will fight, to see who is the better team.

We will enjoy battles even with a team made up of villains of Disney

Making use of the cell shading, a technique that gives it that cartoon look that will feel great to the game. Enjoy each of the characters and their customized attacks. For example the Mickey fantasy will make use of your magical powers or Aladdín of its incredible agility and handling of the sword.

But not only the heroes of Disney draws this game, but we also meet with the archenemies known by everyone. Besides counting with a mode of the campaign in which we must play with a team made up exclusively of villains.

We must deploy our best arts and spells to win

The system of game is the usual rpg turn-based, we will need to win the opponent team by making use of our best arts. To have a little advantage, desbloquearemos spells that will help us win the battle. These spells are based on small hints from the characters.

An example of this is one of the first desbloquearemos, embodied in one of the vulture guards from Robin Hood. If at any time we get stuck, we can improve our team by earning cards and unlocking powers in the different tournaments or events daily.

The automatic mode allows us to enjoy the games

For the more lazy or simply those who want to enjoy the battles, there is an automatic mode in which we can adjust the speed. Having to worry about only to evolve our team and advance in each game.

It is clear that Disney Sorcerer’s Sand remains at the bottom of the letter so established in the role-playing games turn-based, being the great differentiator the universe on which it is based. The presence of classic characters appeals directly to the child within us and nostalgia will do the rest.

The points obtained will allow us to unlock new Disney characters

So if you’re a follower of the universe Disney, as if you do not, we are faced with a game that ticks all the boxes to have a hole in the memory of your device. In addition, the game is freewith shopping optional within the application, which are not necessary to enjoy the game.

So that either by their characters, their scenarios or the soundtrack, this last game based in the Disney universe deserves a chance. And enjoy, even if for a while, those memories of small now in our mobile device. What are you waiting for?

The entrance to The last game of Disney will make you enjoy as a child, appearing first on The Android Free.