The hidden trick in Telegram to attach files while you write

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Telegram is one of the best known messaging applications among users in Spain, which has been with us for seven years. As is usual in messaging applications, we usually send attachments in our conversations in it. To be able to send an attachment, the application has an icon in the form of a paperclip, located in the bubble where we write the messages.

Even though when we started writing a message on Telegram, said icon disappears, so we have to wait until we have finished writing the message to be able to attach a file. Or so it sounds, because there is actually an alternative method that makes it possible to attach as we type.

So you can attach files on Telegram while writing

Telegram new way to attach messages

When writing a message in the application, the icon of the clip that is in the message bubble, disappears until we have sent that message or if we completely erase the text we are writing. This is not always comfortable, because it may be that while we are writing that message is when we have realized that we want to attach a file. The application has a different method that allows us to attach something. It is possible this way:

  1. Open Telegram.
  2. Enter the chat where you want to attach a file.
  3. Write your message.
  4. While writing, click on the icon with the three vertical dots in the upper right.
  5. The attach menu will display at the bottom.
  6. Select what you want to attach.
  7. Send the photo and text you want to send in that chat.

This is a simple method to attach files to your messages in Telegram, but that many users do not know. The reasons why the application hardly promotes or talks about this other method are not known, although it is certainly a good way to attach a file even if you are still writing that message.

This is something that you can use both in your individual and group chats, as well as in the secret chats in the application. Therefore, when you want to attach a file and you are in the middle of writing, this simple trick will allow you to attach that file or files that you want to send to a person.

The hidden trick in Telegram to attach files while you write 1


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