The Google Home you will hear better with this new trick

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If you have a Google Home at home, you’ll have noticed that these speakers are sensitive enough to react. Any occasion in which you say “OK Google” will cause the speaker is active and be prepared to offer a response to the question or command that you want to make. Although this is convenient and allows you to use the speaker at any time, there are some occasions in which it is annoying.

Since there are times that you are not directing it to your Google Home, but the speaker starts to work, something that causes irritation to the user. Luckily, Google is aware of this problem that many users suffer and there will soon be changes. They are going to allow users to to set the sensitivity of response of the speaker.

Set the sensitivity of the speaker

The Google Home you will hear better with this new trick 1

Last fall Google announced that it would introduce a function for the devices with Google Assistant, to to avoid that the wizard in operation without the user you really want. In addition to enable a reduction of the response sensitivity in situations in which there is a lot of noise. This announcement did not mention dates, as the company only said that it would be official soon.

The function is still not official, but is a little closer to reach. We have been able to discover already that there will be an option that will allow you to to set the sensitivity of response of your devices to the command “OK Google”. This feature will be available to the Google Home, in addition to other devices such as screens smart. A very comfortable way of avoid that the device is active and that is our intention. So, choose a sensitivity lower, are expected to be active less often involuntarily.

It is still not known very well how will this new featurenor how effective it will be at the time to prevent a speaker Google Home or other devices respond to the command “OK Google”. At least see that the company has taken note of one of the most common complaints of the users and seek to do something about it. About when will it be available nothing is known yet, though it should not take too much.

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