The Google application that teaches children to program is now in Spanish

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The name Grasshopper may sound to many Android users in Spain. It is the application created by Google that teaches children to program in a simple way, which we have talked about on occasion. Since its launch on the market, the application has become a success and is now taking an important step.

As many of you already know, Grasshopper was only available in English. Google has already announced the introduction of Spanish as a language in your application to schedule. From now on, Android users can also use this application in Spanish on their phones.

Google launches Grasshopper in Spanish

Grasshopper by Google in Spanish

Grasshopper remains unchanged, except that it is now available in Spanish. Through a series of fast and fun games, whose difficulty progresses little by little, the Google application teaches you to program. These games seek to challenge the capabilities of users, so that they can improve and become good programmers. As progress is made, achievements will be made.

These visual puzzles they are a good method for solving problems, as well as helping the most important programming concepts to be understood and remembered. The application uses JavaScript, which is the industry standard, and you can use it directly on your phone easily. The feedback is also maintained in real time, which will be as if you had a teacher with you at that moment.

Grasshopper exercises

The launch of Grasshopper in Spanish will allow millions of students to take your first steps in the world of programming. In addition, the feedback and advice given is also in Spanish, something that will help those students who use the Google app on their phones. They will not have to be continuously translating what the app says.

Grasshopper interface

If you want to be able to use Grasshopper in Spanish on your Android mobile, you can download the application for free from the Play Store. In addition to the Android version, there is also a web version, in case you want to enter the Google app from your computer, to start learning to program. It may not come out in Spanish yet, but in the next few hours it should reach all users.

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