The games arrive at the speakers with a screen of Google

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Since Google was introduced in the market of home automation has released numerous speakers of all kinds. There are from very small Nest Mini other with audio quality, semi-professional, created in collaboration with other brands. Despite all this, the biggest difference lies in whether we are talking about speakers with the screen or speakers simple.

Google has launched products of the two types, though the truth is that the fact of having the screen until the moment it was not a difference too key.

However, in recent months we have seen progress in this regard. A few days ago, we told you that you can watch content from Netflix directly on the Nest Hub of Google without using a mobile or tablet device to send the content. Today comes the games.

Google gets games visual in your speakers with the screen

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Today Google has introduced games that can be used on the speakers screen, Smart Displays, and that are designed for them, not for the normal speakers.

Are games simple as Trivial, games that use the screen to display information and with whom we will interact as much by the voice as by touching the touch panel of these speakers.

There are others who will remind us of tv shows such as Who wants to be a millionaire? or something more classic like the Pictionary. There are many, as you can see in the video.

By the time these developments come to the United States, and that is that these games are programmed in English but it is hoped that in a few weeks or as much as a few months to reach more languages.

The entry The games arrive at the speakers with the screen, Google appears first in Android Free.