The Galaxy Watch Active 2 will be measuring blood pressure

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The Galaxy Watch Active 2 will be measuring blood pressure 1

One of the best watches smart that you can get if you have an Android phone is the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2. This watch is one of the best alternatives thanks to its ecosystem of apps, as well as their health functions.

Although this watch was already sufficiently full, in the next few updates will be a lot better, and is that Samsung has announced a new feature that will make the Galaxy Watch Active 2 a better tool for monitoring our vital signs.

The measurement pressure of the blood will come to the watches of Samsung

Samsung has announced the arrival of a new tool to its app Samsung Health. It is a functionality called “blood Pressure” and has been approved by health agencies in south korea. This function requires the application of Samsung Health, a pressure gauge to calibrate the application and a Galaxy Watch Active 2.

The operation is as shown in the video. Initially, you will need a meter for real-calibrate the clock. Once it is calibrated with this information we will be able to make an analysis of the blood pressure using the clock.

Like many other applications of wearables, these functions provide a guideline, and at no time replace the consultation of a cardiologist. If that is useful as a preventive tool and provide an appropriate medical specialist prior information with which to work. Samsung indicates that a high pressure in the blood can increase the risk of disease in the heart, kidney or brain, information that may be useful to make preventive visits.

Regarding availability of this new feature, Samsung has specified that it will be available in the Galaxy Watch Active 2 during the third quarter of the year and will come to future device brand Galaxy Watch, without specifying many details.

The entrance to The Galaxy Watch Active 2 will be measuring blood pressure first appears in The Android Free.