The Galaxy S21s would not come with a charger in the box either

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Even in countries where it does not have a large market share, such as Spain, Apple is a company capable of setting the trend in the entire mobile phone sector. The moves of this company are normally criticized and then followed by many rivals.

We saw this a few years ago with the removal of the headphone jack, and much earlier with the reluctance to include expansion with memory card slots. Currently, as you have surely seen, they are things that are not seen in almost any high-end.

The charger controversy

The Galaxy S21s would not come with a charger in the box either 1

This is what the iPhone 12 includes in its box | Time24 font

The last decision that Apple has taken and that has raised rivers of ink is the one announced at the iPhone 12 event. From that moment on, its terminals, not only this year, but all, would be sold without a charger.

The strategy, according to the company, was to minimize the amount of electronic waste that is generated each year, make shipments more efficient and, in short, pollute less.

Many people have been in favor of this movement, others against and many others, including myself, see it logical but not very successful at the moment, by including a lightning cable to USB C instead of one to USB A for that all those chargers that, supposedly, people have at home can be used.

Samsung could follow the same path with the Galaxy S21

The Galaxy S21s would not come with a charger in the box either 2

Since the presentation event of the iPhone 12 we have seen several brands boast that they will be more ecological, and even so they will not deprive their users of having a charger in the purchase box of a new mobile.

But one company that has not yet launched a taunt at Apple on a large scale is Samsung. And it’s weird, because the Korean manufacturer has never restrained from sneering at its competitor when it sees fit. Of course, there are mentions in social networks.

The explanation could be that it has not seen Apple’s decision as crazy, and may follow in its footsteps. According to a report published in ChosunBiz, Samsung would not include in the sale box of the Galaxy S21 or S30 neither a charger nor a headset, something that until now it was doing in its high-end terminals.

Thus, in its retail box, the Galaxy S21 (or S30 if they end up called that) would only have a charging cable, a pick to remove the SIM and basic instructions.

This would allow the company to sell the charger independently, something similar to what it does with the 45 W charger in the Note 20 Ultra, which is not included in the box, giving only a 22.5 W charger.

We will have to wait until January to see if the company finally follows in Apple’s footsteps and if the rest of the firms, especially Chinese ones such as OPPO, Xiaomi, Huawei and Vivo follow in their footsteps.

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